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Titan Poker - the largest and most well-known trader network iPoker, which began its work in 2005. Now Titan Poker is a list of the most popular poker rooms and encouraged their players serious bonus. In a survey of regular players, Titan Poker's website was recognized as the best in 2006. Here are the most obvious and important benefits Titan Poker:

• Very convenient system of accumulation of player points

• Excellent software

• A huge number of bonuses and promotions


Available games:

Titan Poker offers its visitors five most popular types of games.


• Texas Holdem Poker

• Omaha Poker

• Omaha Hi Low Poker

Seven Card Stud Poker

• Five Card Stud Poker


Limits and Rake:

Immediately it is worth noting, Titan Poker operates on an "Contributed rake". This means that the rake is divided only between the players who have money in the bank in the distribution of shares in proportion as amended. In all forms of poker, which are offered by Titan Poker, the maximum limits is $ 10 / $ 20. Interestingly, the most rake cannot exceed $ 3. For this indicator, the game at Titan Poker becoming the most "reasonable" to all poker rooms. Please note, Titan Poker does not charge a rake if the bank games limit is less than $ 5 (limits up to $ 1 / $ 2) or $ 10 (limits from $ 2 / $ 4). In a game of limit poker, rake is $ 0.05 for every dollar the bank with a maximum of $ 1, $ 2 or $ 3, depending on the number of people in the bank.


Number of visitors:

The number of people that play on Titan Poker, as a rule, is about 20 thousand people, if you take both cash tables and tournaments. However, this peak number increases markedly. Thus, anyone who finds themselves opponents to play absolutely any poker game at any limit.


Customer service:

In 2006, support Titan Poker was the best among all known at the time the poker rooms. The support staff work with the players by phone and e-mail. For added convenience, Live-chat available 24/7.


Pros Titan Poker:

• Weak players (6/10)

• The ability to "remember" the players to put the notes.

• Support for popular programs for the calculation of statistics on the players.

• Support for many utility programs

• Security deposits

• The ability to transfer money between players

• Ability to compile lists of friends, players, handy for the game

• A wide range of SNG and MTT tournaments


Cons Titan Poker:

• No US players


Bonuses and suggestions:

• Bonus on your first deposit 200% (up to $ 2,000)

Like many poker rooms, Titan Poker offers a bonus for a deposit, which is necessary to play for 3 months.

• Tournament for a deposit

Every Saturday Titan Poker holds tournaments for those who have made a deposit (Depositors Free roll). This tournament open to players who have made deposit the previous week. The guaranteed prize pool for each of the tournament - the $ 1,250.

• First Depositor's Free roll

This stock is designed for players who have made their first deposit the poker room Titan Poker. Each a player gets four tickets to the Free roll $ 2,500. So as more players want to tie their game with Titan Poker, the tournament is held twice a month on Thursdays at 20:00 server time Titan Poker. Event tickets are issued within 72 hours of deposit.

• VIP-club

Titan Poker allows players to earn points for every raked hand. The number of points depends on the size of the bank, the draw in every single hand. Every dollar rake is 17 points. After collecting sufficient number of points in the past month, you have the opportunity to move to a new VIP-level. Below is a table of privileges for VIP-players.

• Battle of gladiators - $ 5000

This proposal is designed for players who have reached the VIP-status Titan and Diamond. The action takes place every month, starting from the 2nd number. Of course, it is only addition to the standard privileges. Hit at the end of the month Top 15 players and get a share of a guaranteed fund of $ 5000. Below is a salary structure.

• Poker School

At Titan Poker there is a poker school that will help the novice to learn the basics of poker and gradually develop as a player. It is worth noting that the school from Titan Poker has lessons for players of different levels - for beginners poker world, and for more experienced people.


At Titan Poker you can always resort to the help of the calculator of probabilities. This indispensable tool for any poker player can easily help improve your level of play.

• $ 500 Beginners Races

This interesting event is only available for new players. All you need from you - just to play for cash tables, trying to play the highest number of raked hands. Once a week, Titan Poker sums up and gives the winners of the prize pool of $ 500.

• Fort Knox $ 50,000

Fort Knox - Sit and Go tournaments with a buy-in of $ 50, which involved only 6 players. The peculiarity of the series is that the player who wins six tournaments in a row, will receive not only the money for the victory, but the Jackpot Fort Knox. There is a consolation prize for players who only took 1st and 2nd place in six consecutive tournaments. This prize is $ 750!

• Dirty Dozen Jackpot

Dirty Dozen - tournaments Sit and Go, which starts immediately, will be registered as soon as 12 players. The game is played on two tables of 6 people. The player who manages to win four of these tournaments in a row, get Dirty Dozen Jackpot! Thus, each player has an opportunity to become the owner of a huge prize, paying a fairly low buy-in.

• Top Hand Bonus

Bonus will receive the best combination of cash player with the combination of not below for four kings (SSC) begins at any table with real money. The amount is $ 100 bonus. Specific terms of the promotion are the existence of three more players in the pot, not thrown off card before opening and that winning combination necessarily consist of two "pocket" cards of the player.

• Bad Beat Bonus

If you put together an excellent combination, but reviewers proved stronger hand, you can get a bonus for a losing combination. Provided that you are not lost to a combination below for than four kings (SSC) begins for the cache table for real money, you can get a bonus of $ 250. It is also important to pay attention to the way the combination is made. And you, and your opponent's hand must consist of two "pocket" cards.

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