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Rule one - select to play the institution in which the percentage of the above payments. What is the payout percentage? This index is defined as the ratio of paid to the participants of the game the prize money to the money expended by all participants. The bingo payout percentage may vary from 60 to 90% (for comparison, the average payout percentage in slot machines can be 90-98% and video poker - 99.5%). Unfortunately know the exact percentage payout bingo is quite difficult. Therefore, if you have the ability to accurately determine the percentage of payments in a particular gambling establishment or an online casino - always use it.

The second rule - play in several tickets (maps) simultaneously. Mathematics is very simple - the greater the number of cards involved in the game, the higher the chances of the player, point guard them to win. It is worth noting that the casino can sometimes be faced with a limit on the purchase of tickets for the bingo. The online casinos are no such restrictions, and it is for this reason that online bingo has enjoyed increasing popularity.

 The third rule - try to limit the number of participants in the game. Of course, you can not afford to prohibit others who wish to participate in the draw of bingo - but in your power to choose the bingo jokes with a small number of participants. This element of bingo games strategy is relevant, perhaps, only in relation to bingo online - gaming sites to keep track of the number of the participants of the drawing where it is easier.

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