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system craps

Tactics "5 Count» requires some analysis and selection of the most suitable shooters. In fact, the player determines for himself some of the most lucky, in his view, shooters and bets just at the moment when the dice are rolled by them. Participation in the game, of course, is not quite complete, that is, about 50 percent of all strokes are skipped. On the other hand, so the player will reduce the advantage of the gambling establishment, not to spend such a high sum and perfectly hold evening.

However, in the beginning you need to decide on the appropriate arrows. For these purposes will have to a certain account, which begins and ends Point, is the number 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10. The whole process will take place as follows. 

craps strategy

"CPR" tactic is widespread among those players who like to have a great time at the casino, without spending too much money, but also not left without a certain share of adrenaline. If luck will not turn away from the player, he can expect a good result. And follow the rules of this strategy simply, it is a simple, special knowledge is required, and all is clear from the first minute.

The procedure for performing actions

The easiest procedure is explained with an example. Win bet on the number of 6 or 8. That is, this sum must fall before the Group of Seven. winning payment options ratio is 7: 6. A further principle of operation is as follows. At eight put six dollars, and made a throw. By winning, the player must leave the reward on the table. This action was called Collect. After that is a throw back. In the event of losing the player is still a profit, which is equal to $ 1. 

The system of

Strategies for doing absolutely any game of chance can not be reduced to a single embodiment, it concerns including craps, whose main difference is the difference in the house edge between the player made a bet. Due to this difference from the same roulette or slots, play craps on a particular tactic becomes more interesting. But do not think that it will help to win an incredible amount. None of the casino does not allow it. At the same time a certain system allows for some effective results. And the more effective Point where "Iron Cross".

The operating principle of this system is to carry out two rates called Pass Line and Come. Bet Odds will be used to strengthen them. In the event that all of the above has caused bewilderment, you should be familiar with the terms used in craps. 

Strategy Craps Do not pass

As the development trend of the gambling industry involves the provision of an increasing number of online services, it is not surprising that today play craps can be sitting at home by opening the website of any of the online casinos. Therefore, the question of how to win craps online is very relevance.

"do not pass" strategy is not very welcomed by most online casinos, as it greatly increases the chances of winning. It is to bet on the line Do not 'pass. The player loses a roll is 7 or 11, winning on a roll of 2 or 3. In this case, 12 is a draw, which is not too good, because the casino retains its advantage. If installed «point», the rate do not 'pass line to bring the gain even in the case when the shooter falls 7. Ie do not pass strategy gives the casino a minimal advantage, is only 1.36%. 

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