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bingo strategy

Winning or losing bingo, largely determined by chance, but by adhering to some of the strategies you can just increase your chances of winning. Apart from Tippett's strategy, there is another mathematically reasonable strategy game of bingo, which gives the player an advantage in the game. This strategy was developed by a mathematician and analyst Joseph E. Granville, creator of the famous series of highly successful strategies for gambling. Its essence lies in the selection of potentially winning cards to play bingo on the basis of the results of previous draws.

According to the theory of Granville, the most important part of an effective strategy for the bingo game - it is a choice of cards (tickets) for the game. Like Tippett's strategy, this strategy is relevant in relation to the British 75-Ball Bingo.

bingo strategy

This strategy is only suitable for playing traditional bingo (calculated for 75 balls and standard line). The strategy for the so-called "British" Bingo was developed, which is quite natural, as British scientists - some L. Tippett, who specialized in statistics and even produced several scientific papers on the role of science in gambling. The essence of Tippett's strategy is quite simple: scientists claim that the probability of certain numbers increases with the duration of the game. According to the theory formulated by Tippett, the longer the game, the higher the probability that one will drop out of the room, close to 38 (as to the average number in the range from 1 to 75).

Thus, the basis of the strategy Tippett - choose the cards for a game of bingo, in which as many rooms, close to 38 (unless, of course, the game is prolonged in time). If by the time the game a brief, Tippett's strategy is not particularly relevant, and you can choose from the standard cards to play bingo with any number from 1 to 75. 

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