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Omaha is one of the most complex and at the same time one of the most popular forms of poker. The similarity with the Omaha Hold'em is manifested only in the list of combinations and the principle of the cards are dealt. If you talk about a strategy game in Omaha, there is a completely different math odds hands, so for the development of the game in this kind of poker you should find out the key success factors at different stages of the rally.



 On the flop, even the strongest starting hand has no absolute advantage. Despite the fact that the odds ratio of a strong and mediocre before the opening of the flop is 60% to 40%, you should always consider the opportunity to raise. If such a move Hold'em helps knock out of the game the highest possible number of participants, in Omaha, it allows the bank to increase with fewer folds. 

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Today we look at an example of dispensing with the encouraging, but malopredskazuemy "leaky" straight draw, analyze the situation in detail and possible game actions.


Example 2: "Leaky" straight draw advantageous position

The TitanPoker, Holdem at stakes 5/10, six players

Preflop: our player is in position under the gun (to the left of the big blind) with pocket K ♥ -J ♥.

Our player raises, the third player folds, the player in the small blind announces 3-bet, the 1st player folds, our player calls.

Flop: (7 SB) T ♠ -A ♣ 3♠ (2 players)

The player in the small blind bet announces, our player ...

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Well, it's time to move from theory to practice, and that in the illustrative example, consider the options of playing a strong flush draw. Screw-on the condition, and in the next, final section, we consider an example of a "leaky" straight draw and summarize.

Example 1: The most powerful flush draw unfavorable position

The Titan Poker, 3/6 Holdem stakes, six players

Preflop: our player is in position under the gun (to the left of the big blind) with pocket 9 ♠ -A ♠.

Our player raises, the player in middle position to announce a 3-bet, the 4th player folds, our player calls.

Flop: (7.33 SB) 8 ♠ -6 ♠ 2♦ (two players) 

Our player ...

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Main strong draw - this is the best flush draw. It draws "Generation M" - with the letter M begins the name of Ed Miller, author of the book "Hold'em at low stakes" - however, the players seem to go too far and announce bets, raises, three-bets, and even the last permitted raise with any flash-dro.


The best flush draw

A raise on the flop with a draw - this is really a good move, and under appropriate conditions almost exactly supposed to win for him is positive, but this is not always, and certainly not always exactly this move gives the highest result, even if the result is positive.

poker strategy

Recently, my results in poker and win rate was quite high, but I did not have much consistency in my game, especially in the days when I lose. I definitely exists a vicious circle when a bad game is associated with a sense of defeat, which in turn leads to the fact that I get distracted and start playing badly. I plan in the future somehow solve this problem and then go to class psychology of the game, but until that moment I decided to set myself a stop-loss order to reduce the amount of trouble in losing days.


When should I use a stop-loss

I remember once, about three years ago, at the very beginning of his career in poker, I set a stop-loss just because he hated to lose and did not want to take part in a game where my money goes somewhere (this is a rather strange approach as a natural reaction of most people in this situation - is the desire to play again, to regain the lost). In general, I started to feel bad, and I do not want to stay at the poker table. Now, when my level is very high, and I obviously win at any table (even if I do not play at his best level), the idea of ​​stop-loss itself seems silly, especially from the financial point of view (the more hours I play, the more money I get in the end). However, from the point of view of psychology, or the point of view of the 'alleged satisfaction "stop-loss can be very useful.

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