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Omaha is one of the most complex and at the same time one of the most popular forms of poker. The similarity with the Omaha Hold'em is manifested only in the list of combinations and the principle of the cards are dealt. If you talk about a strategy game in Omaha, there is a completely different math odds hands, so for the development of the game in this kind of poker you should find out the key success factors at different stages of the rally.



 On the flop, even the strongest starting hand has no absolute advantage. Despite the fact that the odds ratio of a strong and mediocre before the opening of the flop is 60% to 40%, you should always consider the opportunity to raise. If such a move Hold'em helps knock out of the game the highest possible number of participants, in Omaha, it allows the bank to increase with fewer folds. 


Pot Limit Omaha is characterized in that the size of the bank depends on the value of bets that can be made. If the flop goes without increases, it is likely that a participant with a strong starting hand will not be able to deliver a high rate even increased on the flop. In turn, the contestants will have the opportunity to see the turn cheaply.

 It should refrain from increasing if the starting pair of nines below. But even with low chances of strengthening these hands allow us to answer call a bet to see the flop. If the number of participants in the game in Omaha more than two, it is not recommended to respond to a raise or reraising opponents to use all-in.



At this stage of the game it is important to overestimate the power of starting hands and to calculate its potential. It is necessary to weigh how to improve their chances of combinations and possible opponents. In Omaha strong combination often fall to several players, so do not go with a raise enough strong hand. In this case, you can try to check opponents with a small bet.

 High Stakes on the flop can be justified in cases where you are sure to enhance any of your hand, or that opponents will fold. If opponents have no opportunity to collect a combination that would be superior to yours, try at their own expense to increase the pot.


The turn and river

Cards fell in the later stages of the game, can dramatically change the situation on the flop: some of the players have the opportunity to amplify, others lose a chance to win even with strong positions. Each new map is opened a reason to overestimate their strength.

 A small bet can be a good indicator of the behavior of the opponents. If the response to the bid will be invited to a significant increase, it is better to fold. When the game is played in a large number of players, it is possible that someone from them was lucky enough to collect the most powerful combination. Check whether the opponent is bluffing, it is possible only when you are confident in the strength of their cards or are familiar with your opponent's style of play

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