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Strategy games in video poker Deuces Wild for

Storing and practical application of the full game strategy in video poker Deuces Wild can seem too difficult task for a lot of new players. If you want a faster start the game, but not recklessly throwing money away, you can learn the basic rules laid down in the simplified strategy. This will allow you to keep in decent part of the mathematical advantage of the casino, and if you play wisely and slowly, even almost equal him in this component.

So, we consider a situation in which you were given playing cards (with or without deuces).

Strategy games Video Poker All American

Popular video poker All American table has an unusual factors for combinations of payments, which is significantly different from that used in other popular models. However, many users are switching from one video poker on the other, do not change the strategy of the game, than significantly increase the house edge and thus reduce their chances of winning.

In this article we give you some important tips on the game in Video Poker All American, and teach you how to choose it. The recommendations were developed taking into account the statistical data, opinions of authoritative international experts and personal experience.

Strategy games Video Poker Bonus Poker 8/5

After a short break, we continue to provide online recommendations on the game in certain varieties of video poker. In this article we will explain in great detail to you what is the optimal strategy for video poker Bonus Poker 8/5.

This is a fairly common version of the game, which can be found in an assortment of models of many famous software producers for the online casino. In particular, you can work on contingent rate or playing Bonus Poker video poker for money in the institutions, using the platform of Microgaming. 

optimal strategy video poker

There is another, more long and complex strategy game in video poker for the same kinds of "Jacks or Better" (it can be applied in the case if the video poker lowest high card are not considered jacks and tens, you have the option to "dozens and higher"). The house edge when using this strategy a little higher and is approximately 0.46%.

The principle use of the video poker strategy is almost the same: you analyze starting hand, taking into account a list of the best combination and leave in the hand combination that is higher on the list. If your starting hand no one combination from the list - immediately reset it, you can not play the hand in such a situation.

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