Bonuses - this is probably the most attractive and enticing online casino!

Actually they are there to attract new players and to encourage longer playing. Almost every self-respecting casino offers its customers these or other bonuses, here are some of them:

"First Depozit Bonus" - this is the most common form of bonuses applied to gaming sites. It implies an increase in the deposit at a certain percentage. The percentage of this can be very, very different, varied, anywhere from 20% to 300%, and maybe more. This "gift" can be obtained once after registration, and later play it.

Europa Casino offers a 300% first deposit bonus! (When making from 25-299 $/€).

Additional bonuses 15% and 10% depending on the method refill. Some online casinos offer the option of increasing the amount contributed by you.

"Loyalty Bonus" ("Comps", "VIP"). Many gaming sites offer this program as a promotion for customers constantly playing. For every bet you get a certain number of points, which can then be exchanged for cash at an internal rate institution. As these glasses can give certain privileges in the game can be exchanged for lottery tickets, tickets for entry to tournaments, free prizes and gifts.

The more you play, the higher your level becomes a permanent player and accordingly paid the amount of points for the rate, as well as increased exchange rate of points to cash.

"No Deposit Bonus" - is a certain amount that is given to you after registration, and does not require the payment. That is, it is usually from 10 to 25 $ / €, which is credited to your account, and you can participate in the game using these tools. To win back the money you can, but it's hard. The easiest way to get them as additional funds to the amount of your introduced and used in the game. Simply remove the money you will most likely not be able to, because at least for output will certainly greater gift amount.

Vegas Red casino gives you $10 when registering a real account. (No deposit required!).

"Active Play Bonus". Having made a certain number of payments for a month, you have the opportunity to request a so-called "active player a bonus." He can be credited to your account in the form of additional funds, which will have to play (such as a bonus on the first deposit), such as in Europa Play Casino - you can get up to 300% of the amount of payments made.

Free Lottery, held on a regular basis in many gambling establishments. Can participate all registered players. All you have to do to participate in the lottery, recharge in the amount of $15 and agree to receive bonuses. For every $5 bonus, you will get one ticket. The number of tickets for each player is not restricted. The prizes offered are excellent smartphones and no deposit bonuses.

"Happy Birthday Bonus" - or, more simply, a birthday gift, you can get in many online casinos.

Free rotation (back), "cash for an hour." This is a fairly new option rewards that the game offers on the house for some time (usually an hour), or free spins on the slot machines (from 10 rotations - "spin"). In the first case, you will be charged a certain amount and within the allotted time, you can play your favorite games. Winnings credited to your account, but its size is limited (usually 100-200 $ / €).

All new players Frank Casino offers 10 free spins on one of the best slots (particularly in what you learn after the confirmation e-mail and telephone in a private office player).

Regular bonuses, accrued on a time, some gaming sites, for additional stimulation of regular customers. This small amount of money, which is credited to your account, such as once a week.

"Cash Back", "Backdeposit" (may have different names, but the essence is the same), it is either permanently or periodically proposed (in the form of special stocks) type of promotion. That is, you return for some time (not right) 10% - 100% of loss.

Monthly and weekly draws. Many casinos offer regular and additional prize draws of cash prizes, as well as exclusive offers, depending on your level of play at the casino. You can receive regular offers to your e-mail.

In general, it is worth noting that this is the most generous online casino bonuses, which has very high ratings in the global Internet network (it should look closely).

"Refer a Friend" It's simple; through the special form on the gaming site you are sending a link in the form of an invitation to your friend, friend, by e-mail. It is at this link registers, adds the account and begins to play. You, after this "procedure" get a certain amount of money (10 to 200 $!). Your friend at the same time, too, gets a certain amount, usually equal to half of your fee. Or there is another option to obtain a permanent interest (various 10 - 50%) of all its operations, payments, loss. 

To play any bonus you need to fulfill certain conditions, which are usually found in casinos or other rules of the game system. Scoring based on it, you can always withdraw, but he bonus if he has not yet played out, most likely, will be charged to your account. 

Here, perhaps, the main part of the rewards (the most popular), but you are in the process of meeting new gaming sites will find a lot more interesting things. Important Carefully read the terms and conditions, so you were not hurt.

From the bonuses, you can refuse the registration and to play only on your deposit.

However, the "gift" amount, increasing your payment, will help to make bigger bets and thus get bigger winnings!

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