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sports betting strategy

One of the most popular and widely used gaming strategies is the Martingale strategy. All the basic principles of this strategy were originally designed for playing in the casino. Many now successfully use the Martingale roulette (when playing on red / black). Recently, however, the Martingale strategy finds its application in other areas related to risk. This is primarily a sports betting and trading on the Exchange (bilateral martingale).

The main principle of the Martingale, a progressive strategy is to increase the amount bet after a loss. Martingale strategy allows players to stay in the black, even if they often lose, but on condition that the failure of a series will not last too long.

betting strategy

The well-known German strategy is a series of numbers is one of the innovative strategy that is based on a constant increase in the size of the bet. If we compare it with the most common strategy Martingale, it is more accurate and does not always bring the player to profit from the first successful outcome. However, the strategy is a series of numbers has enough positive moments to enjoy it a lot of players betting shops. Among them, special attention should be given the absence of a serious increase in the size of bets, which is observed in the application of the method of Martingale. The basic principle of a series of numbers, it is best to consider a specific example. So, suppose you have defined for yourself, your immediate goal win at the bookmaker $ 100. Try to guess how many time do you need for it. To calculate the average take rate in the event of 2.0, and the probability of winning approximately 40%, because it is better to underestimate their capabilities than overestimate them. It turns out that we will lose 50 per cent more often than winning (6 progryshey and 4 win 10 bets). a series of numbers system with the goal to win the $ 100 is divided into 20 equal parts and will be as follows:

5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

betting strategy

Among the large number of different strategies on sports betting, particularly interesting for beginners is not complicated, and at the same time quite a profitable strategy in the scoreboard.

Account strategy implies that the player must accurately guess with what result, completed the upcoming event. Bet on the correct score - it is very difficult, may object to the player, but the bookmakers, understanding it, give account for every option very high rates that attracted many players. 

betting strategy

Let's try to figure out what the total is in the betting game and what tactics to totals. The total is based on the strategy are betting on the number of goals scored, points, goals, sets, games, and other similar events that offer their services in all, without exception, the bookmakers. In order to win, when betting on totals only need to guess the match will total over more or less. Therefore, the total is a strategy, as well as the tactics of the total is very simple.

Rates on the total strategy gained widespread popularity in team sports. Most popular among the players has a strategy of European firms total for soccer, but players overseas bookmakers prefer to bet on the total in basketball or hockey.

sports betting strategy

Developed in the 60s of the 20th century strategy of the Kelly criterion is an advanced strategy for a percentage of the bank. With its use of a fixed percentage of the bank is absent, and it is determined by the correct determination of the probability of the selected event.

Kelly criterion strategy may not result in total loss of the bank the player, since the size of each bet is determined as a percentage of the available funds on the gaming account.

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