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slots rules

Main on slot machines.

Gaming and slot machines - are present in all casinos as online casinos and traditional casinos. The game, which is a machine, the machine species whose incredible set and they all operate on the same basis. The aim of the game is simple and is to collect a winning combination of symbols on the screen or the slot machine reels. For successfully assembled combination in the game, it provides for the payment of money the winning player. It's simple enough, and brings a lot of pleasure from the excitement.

The device slots.

The very first slot machines were entirely mechanical and consisted of some complex mechanisms, springs, levers and gears. Today, slot machines are a computer random number generator. Each slot has a window or screen drums which are rotated (or image) to put on them symbols. Drums may be three or five. The symbols on the reels represent the theme, which is dedicated to the machine. Besides the usual characters that make up the combination, there are also symbols of bonuses, scatter and "wild", which acts as a joker and replaces any other image.

Also on the slot has control buttons, one or more display information about the status of the player's account. payout table can be applied directly on the machine or cause a touch of a button. Very often, the inscription on the slot machines are in English only, so consider the options that may occur.

  • Spin, Play (rotate, play) - it is a button, pressing which causes the drums into action and starts the game.
  • Bet Per Line, Coins (per line bet, coin) - a button, with which set the number of coins per payline. Select the desired rates is produced by repeatedly pressing the button, after each of which is added to one or more credits, which is displayed on the corresponding display (Bet).
  • Max Bet (the maximum bet) - a button, the touch that can make a bet the maximum amount. Using it on each payline put a limit to the number of coins of this machine.
  • Select Lines, Line Bet (choice of lines, the rates on lines) - with the help of this button to select the number of active paylines. Each time you press the number increases by one line. The next press after reaching the maximum number of lines will start to count from one line.
  • Paytable, Help (payout table, assistance) - This button displays the paytable and the game rules.
  • Double, Gamble (double, parlay) - Pressing this button after receiving a prize for one of the combinations activates the bonus round that is not associated with the main game, in which you can try to increase the size of a prize.
  • Denomination, "+" / "-" (value) - press this button to set the value of the loan (nominal coins).
  • Hold - press this button at any time to stop the drum against which it is located.

These are the main buttons that are found in the majority of slot machines, although it is not a complete list of them.


Playing the game

The game starts with making money in a slot machine (Slots). This can be done by the receiver of banknotes or coins, club card, casino employee accrual loans, and so on.

After that, the player must choose the bet amount and the number of lines on which he is going to play (if it's multiline slot). Then he presses the Play button or pulls down a special lever that drives the machine drums. When they stopped, the resulting combination is determined. If it is included in the category of paid, the prize sum will appear in the window Win. The player can take it away or press Gamble button and try to increase it.


Dividends, bonuses and jackpots

Winning combinations of symbols are indicated in the paytable, and their diversity does not allow to consider them in detail, so to speak about each of the varieties generally.

Payment of the line - it is made in the event that builds prescribed number of identical symbols on the rules of the game line machine. Payment of the scatter symbols - if in any part of the screen displays two such characters, win a multiple of the size of the overall rate, which is multiplied by a certain payout ratio.

Bonus symbols - their loss means the beginning of the bonus game, which can be a free back (sometimes with increased payouts), the emergence of jokers, various prizes and so on.

Accumulative bonus - in vending machines equipped with this function, the player is awarded bonus points. When dialed certain amount, starting a bonus game or the player's account added to loans.

Jackpot - payments jackpot Potam are the largest in the slot machines. Jackpots are progressive or fixed. In the first case, the jackpot increases with every bet, which makes the player in this slot, or some other of the network. The fixed jackpots are paid in the form of a fixed sum for certain combinations.



Classic slot machines have three reels and a single line, but now have spread also slots with five or even nine reels and a plurality of lines which are horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Also, the slots can be classified by the type of the jackpot, the presence of bonus games and other criteria. Their diversity in modern casino is huge and is able to satisfy the needs of any client.

Key strategies for slot machines you can find on our website, in the Strategy section.

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