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Hilo System in Blackjack

This strategy is also quite common. Its simplicity allows you to enjoy the benefits, even for beginners. True, it is suitable only for real casinos, either for One Deck Blackjack. So, what is its meaning?

Hilo strategy is card counting. First, the player must remember that each card should be your number. All cards with pictures, as well as an ace and a ten must be taken for 1 point, each nine, eight or seven is taken as 0, and all other cards are accepted for one. The player receiving the card should carry the calculations by adding or subtracting the value assigned to the cards. 

Harassment Strategy in BlackjackHarassment system when playing online blackjack is considered quite risky. Despite this, it is very popular among the players, as it has a number of advantages. First, the system does not require any increase in interest rates, so the player does not risk large sums. Secondly, despite the risks, the strategy can bring the player to win.

The meaning of the strategy is to varying rates depending on the results of the previous hand. Even before the start of the game the user must set a minimum and maximum amount of bets that he can afford. During the very first bet the player can make the highest and the lowest rate, depending on their wishes. If the party is losing, then the next time you need to make a minimum bet if the winning, the maximum.

Strategy to minimize the amount of loss in case of failure, and you can get a good amount of wins during the series. It considered a risky strategy because of the fact that the gain can occur only once, and the player will lose the maximum bet. 

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Doubling Strategy blackjack game

Doubling strategy in blackjack system reminiscent of the popular roulette called Martingale. But if Martingale long been criticized, the doubling of the system is considered successful. But there is one drawback, which is that the player must have high initial capital to take advantage of the strategy. Doubling the game involves a card table on which there are no restrictions on interest rates. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the strategy is reduced, and the chances of the player winning are increased only slightly.

The meaning of doubling strategy is the same as the Martingale, ie doubling bets after each loss. Initially, the player puts the minimum bid possible. If he loses, the next time you need to put in twice as much. If luck again turned away from the user, then the rate should be doubled again. Doubling occurs as long as the player does not win. Thus, he wins back all the lost money and earn additional capital. 

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