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Fork strategy is the only win-win strategy for the bookmaker. Arbitrage betting - these are situations in which the player is betting on certain matches, regardless of their final result still remains in the win. Simply put, the player bets on all possible outcomes of matches, eventually getting a certain income.

The thing is that sometimes the bookmakers have different opinions on the chances of parties to win a bet, and several factors may fluctuate in favor of a particular party.

That is, if after watching the lines of different bookmakers player detects that the match Djokovic-Federer one firm takes 1.7 Federer, Djokovic and at 2.1, and the other gave the same factors, but a favorite of the meeting considered the Serbian tennis player, before it is a concrete example of a "plug". It is easy to calculate that by putting in the first bookmakers to Djokovic and Federer in the second, for example, $ 1,000 the player will come to a net gain of $ 100 (1000 * 2.1 = 2100 - 2000 (the amount bid + losing bets). also plug method can be used, putting on one of the events of a large sum of money than the other You must be able to perform the calculation of forks Take for example another tennis match -... Wozniacki-Schiavone In one bookmaker you can find the coefficient of winning Danish 1 65, and the other on the victory Schiavone -. 2.85 the player must then make such bets - $ 300 -. to Wozniacki and Schiavone $ 500 If Schiavone to win the match, the player will win 855 dollars, but if Wozniacki - $ 825. and in the first and in the second case, the gain exceeds the supplied amount of $ 800, which means that it also operates strategy fork. at the bottom of this page you can easily find a calculator forks online and completely free to check relevant whether the strategy fork in interest you have a meeting or not.

Fork - a bet on a variety of sporting events, but it is best if the system is "fork" will be used for events that have only two possible outcomes. plug principle is most prevalent when betting on tennis, volleyball, basketball, hockey and others.

As you can see the fork strategy is quite simple, but its embodiment in life, it is necessary to conduct their work properly.

First, the player must be registered as a possible number of online offices.

Second, is to use the automatic search system plugs.

Third, do not trust the bookmakers with a dubious reputation, in order to plug the strategy could really bring him substantial profits.

In order that the plug is a win-win strategy it is hard to disagree, but earn a lot of money with its help there is unlikely to turn out. Because sometimes "plugs" may simply not be in the lines and wait for a chance accounts for a very long time. The obvious advantage is the strategy, what arbitrage betting provides a guaranteed win.

Sports Betting Strategy

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