Lovers of various lotteries may well have caught the keno lottery. It is believed that Keno game originated over 2,000 years ago in China. The ruler of the Han Dynasty Shui devised a way to finance the war in addition to tax citizens. He invited them for a fee to receive one hundred and twenty Chinese characters combination that allowed them to win a prize. Game Keno eventually became so immensely popular that after the Great Wall of China was built on revenues from Keno lottery.

In America, the game of keno came in the late 19th century, along with Chinese immigrants and was there known as the Chinese lottery. There keno lottery simplified, reducing the number of characters to 80 characters and then replace the numbers to make the game more understandable. In the middle of the 20th century the owners of the casino to entice customers began to call Bingo Keno "Keno racing horses." Under each number implied the horse on which the player has bet. That is, the keno numbers on which it will be put, the player chooses.


Description Keno lottery

Playing online keno is a table with numbers from 1 to 80. Also used balls, which bear similar numbers. During one session keno falls 20 random balls. The purpose of bingo Keno - predict the numbers of the fallen from the basket balls. For this purpose, a special ticket should be crossed out or highlight the desired combination of numbers. The lotto keno allowed to bid for no more than 15 rooms.

Non-separated spheres appear in the table. If the ball number and the number you have selected, matched, it will change its color. Winnings are paid after extracting all 20 balls and depends on the number of matches.

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Progress lotto keno

Carefully fill the keno ticket. Specify how many numbers or combinations of numbers you want to play. Cross out the chosen number. Specify how many games you will bet and your bet in Keno lottery. Bets are placed depending on the number of anticipated games.

Get your ticket confirmation numbers, games room, where you will be playing and making your bets. Once you have filled in the ticket lottery keno, will drop the balls with numbers. Your winnings will depend on the size of your bet and the number of matched numbers.

Different casinos can meet a variety of options for filling the ticket keno lottery. It must be remembered that keno game all the combinations are random. If the keno lottery number does not fall out in a few games, it does not increase the likelihood of loss in the next game.

You can bet on any number and combination of numbers that you like. The lotto keno there is no happy combination!

Remember that in the game of keno online from you nothing depends and there is no winning keno strategy. So just have fun with the game and the anticipation of a possible win!

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