Play roulette

Roulette - one of the most popular games on the ground, this is true for online casinos. The main advantage of online gaming portals is the ability to accommodate a variety of options of any game on one site. That is why, to get acquainted with roulette, online - the best choice.

The most common options are the European and American roulette. Differences are the same as in a traditional land-based casinos. Drum European roulette is divided into 37 holes, while the American version contains 38. The difference in the number one almost doubles the house edge over the player. In the European version of the casino the advantage of 2.7%, and a copy of the US outweighs Player by 5.26%. Of course, this difference gives rise to shortage of players in the American version of the game.

The third version, offers online casino - French Roulette. It's almost a complete analogue of the European, 37mi License, version except for one caveat. When you play the French roulette, the rule refund half of the money bets on a roll of zero (rule La Partage). It is quite common in land-based casinos in Europe. Of course, this addition makes the French roulette the best of all for online players. Rule return substantially lowers the house edge and so the game is not represented at all the gaming portals. There are other, quite rare species of roulette, in which you can play here.

Despite the apparent advantage of French Roulette is not very popular among online players. Perhaps because of all the symbols on the field written in French, which is a problem for many. There is no certainty whether the selected field for placing the chips properly. Golf betting on red and black and have a color marker, and only signed Rouge and Noir. Regular players have long learned the value labels and successfully apply their knowledge.

Another one of the game options in the online casino - Mini Roulette. Very unfavorable conditions for the player in an attractive package. In this game, the drum is marked by only 13 sectors 1-12 and 0. The yield of this game for a casino three times higher than in European roulette. One of the attracting factors that is used places - there is no limit maximum rate. This approach is very dangerous for the player, since the casino has the ability to collect triple profit unlimited amounts.


The real game of roulette - available today, and "at home"

It is worth paying attention to the way in which the online casino is organized ball launch. There are two options, the first - the launch and loss of bead carries a random number generator. In this case, the whole point of the game of roulette is lost. The second option is the best and the only one to play in a casino that offers the opportunity to observe the results of the draw and spin through the webcam. In such a casino live dealer launches the ball, and the whole process is transmitted to the network.

In any case, whatever you choose, getting to the game online, advice that should not be ignored is that - always carefully read the rules / strategy before you start to play roulette for money. And today is not a new game with live dealers, sitting at home in a comfortable chair and watching the screen simpotichnyh girls who take bets much more interesting than an empty table without one. All game rooms, providing such opportunity is in the appropriate section of the menu and are marked in the list and table.

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