The bingo is played all over the world. This is - a simple game to learn to play that everyone can. There is no need to remember complex rules and strategies. The essence of the game is to roll of random numbers and are checked on their playing cards (tickets) players. The winner is the one who is lucky enough to first cross out all the necessary numbers in a particular row or close the scheme entirely the entire map. Playing bingo player, in principle, can not increase your chances of winning, but, nevertheless, there are several strategies that can make the game more fun!

Rules of Bingo online are the same as traditional. The only difference is that the Internet provides several versions of the game, at the same time offered to individual sites. Usually, options for 75 and 90 balls. The bingo on 90 balls used tickets with nine vertical rows and three horizontal. Considered to match all winning numbers in one, two or three lines. This is - the British version, which is most prevalent in the UK, Ireland and Australia. In Russia and in many other countries, this type of bingo is better known as LOTTO.

The American version is popular in other countries. It is represented by 75 balls and tickets to the game grid of 5 x 5 cell. Considered to be winning a match all the numbers on the vertical, horizontal, diagonal line, or the proposed scheme. This configuration allows the game grid to use all sorts of schemes (templates), which has more than 300 species!

Some sites offer a fairly new type of bingo on 80 balls (similar to the version of the game with 75 balls with tickets layout 4 x 4 - 16 cells).

The bingo-rooms as well as in real rooms, practice games with progressive jackpots, where the size of the main prize increases with each draw, which can result in a rather large size of prizes. Also, many of them have their own commemorative game with increased bank playing with special prizes, bonuses (including no deposit), free watch and games and many more exciting offers.

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