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keno rules

The game of keno experienced player has the same chance of winning as a beginner, it can either be a winner. Keno is essentially a lottery type game and has a huge popularity throughout the world due to its affordability and simplicity. But, as in any other, there are rules to keno games.

Keno Rules

The most interesting thing in the lottery Keno - is the results that you expect with such excitement. And, although the outcome of the game depends entirely on luck, the game will seem much more exciting once you master betting system and keno rules.

How to play Keno? Keno rules are not difficult to learn to play and it will either. Official Rules of Keno involve the use of the playing field, consisting of cells with 80 rooms. Please select the number to which you are going to bet. The winning amount is greater, the greater will be the number of selected numbers you. On the other hand, increasing the number of selected numbers you decrease the chances of winning. Once the choice is made, played numbers. In the case of online keno lottery process is automatic. In the case of conventional keno, according to the rules of the game, the numbers are played using balls, each of which is from 1 to 80 bearing the number.

The stakes in online keno.

In order to successfully play keno, you must know what are the stakes of the game and which ones are most effective. The online casinos usually operates the following system of interest payments:

Straight Keno ticket. Choosing a straight ticket, you only have to note the number and wait for the result of drawing circulation. In online keno rules of the game allow the player to bet on the number of rooms, not exceeding 15, but some places are allowed to choose up to 40 numbers.

Keno tickets with different combinations. Choosing a ticket, you get to a few combinations of digital direct ticket to combine in a single ticket. Under the rules of keno for each sequence of the player must make a separate group rate.

Separate ticket. Selecting a game ticket with the player puts on various combinations of numbers, but does so on a single ticket. You must select at least two groups of numbers and mark them. With a rate of $ 2 per group total amount of your bet will be equal to $ 4.

Ticket track. Under the rules of keno ticket by selecting a track, the player also makes a bet on one card for several combinations of numbers. This version of the game of keno is considered the most difficult. First, the player must decide on how many combinations of numbers from the groups that he has chosen, he will put. After that, the right side of the ticket you must specify the number of bets. Numerator record in the ticket and determines the size of your bet. Inexperienced players keno these rules may seem a bit confusing.

Ticket Royal. These tickets are a variant of the travel tickets. The difference is that in addition to groups of numerical bets are placed on individual numbers (royal). These numbers are just the same as the group are recorded in the card.

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