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There just playing strategies machines do not come up with the players, this is one of the most obscure, but real-world systems.

zigzag game is that each player after the game in one slot, moves to another and so the circle. The meaning of this strategy, the players see that those throwing increase the chances of winning in each of the next slot.

This system can also be used with real slot machines, but of course it is much easier to try on online slots, where at least do not need to jump up and change. 

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Popular Martingale system has both of its strongest supporters and opponents. However, on this basis, a new method of game machines - opposite the main - Anti-Martingale. The point of this system is not to raise, but rather to reduce the double bet in the next round after a loss, and increase in the rate twice in the round after each win.

At first glance, the principle of this strategy is reasonable, it is in the slot over losses, and decreasing after every loss the amount of money invested, it seems the player that he controls, or even save their money. And in the case of a succession of wins a feeling that the bill amount is growing before our eyes. 

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This game system in slot machines known to all players, whether powerful advertising acted that someone -So good on this system rose in the slot, or the name of a very sonorous like people. In addition, all Internet resources devoted to this method, be sure to review the article, what attracts players, especially beginners.

The essence of the system is to double each bet, which follows a losing round, in the event of winning the next game, the bet compensate for the loss of the losses. These conclusions are based on the rates of the arithmetic average theory, which proves that the loss in a game increases the chances of winning in the next round. 

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