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keno strategy

Thus, all the nuances you need to know in order to better comprehend this game, especially if it is conducted on the money. You can use the advice of experienced players who will surely say, how to win the game of Keno. And on the Internet there is a lot of information relating to secrets of the online lottery. We invite you to use our operating time. Nevertheless, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that even if you learn to use the known strategies and techniques, it is still no one will not give you an absolute guarantee of stunning success. But you can learn to use wisely your budget, namely, the right to bid, after which necessarily increase the probability of multiplying your capital.


Martingale method

The most famous strategy Martingale method is based on the manipulation of the size of the bet. In case you lose you bet and raise after winning back to the original amount. For example, the rate of $ 2000 was a lose-lose, win the next round in 4000 dolllarov help compensate for the loss, then you need to immediately put $ 2,000, etc.


D'Alembert's method

D'Alembert's method makes it possible to increase the number of successful bets even with the minimal costs. Its meaning lies in the fact that the next time you have to lose twice to increase the number of the same rate. For example, you bet $ 2,000 and played for nothing. The next time you need to make two bets at $ 2000. Now, at a time and double the amount of your gain compensates for the loss. Read more


Strategy "series of numbers"

Strategy entitled "A series of numbers" more flexible and less risky than the two above-described method. While it did not promise the return of lost money. Here the main thing correctly to determine the desired gain and the period of its receipt. So, the next time you win any level of the number of digits ordered to do in two less. In case of loss, you must add one digit at a rate.


Theory of Random

In keno balls loss occurs via a random number generator. This means that any ball falls out as many times as he pleases, regardless of the rounds. Yet in this state of affairs, one can observe certain patterns.

Advocates of a chance of the theory argue that it is necessary to bet on those numbers, which are not dropped in a number of previous rounds. There is a possibility of their falling out, finally, but the absolute guarantee that no one gives.

Further, there are players that adhere to his theory frequency loss, and put on the figures, which are constantly falling out. And it is logical to have the prize.

Still others claim that the successful are the numbers that are close to winning. For example, a roll 20, it is necessary to set 21, etc.


Betting on the outcome of the event reverse

This strategy is based on the saying of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus about the river, which can not enter twice. Thus, for a desired victory is necessary to analyze the winnings. Bets are placed, mostly on those numbers, which are not fell in the previous round.


Modular system

Based on the experience of big wins in Keno, professionals are developing their strategies of successful selection of numbers. The modular system is recognized as the most famous of all available in this regard. Here, its incremental steps: You must select 20 numbers, with greater probability of precipitation in the next round. These numbers are allocated to the blocks 5 to 4 each. Further digits in blocks forming a pair, and which bets. We need to do 6 rates for the category 10 to 10. The best result is when from the dates indicated in step 2 will drop by two digits.

So, please read the above information, we can say that now you will be confident and savvy than playing blindly. And certainly winnings will fall. Just maybe not as often as we would like, and are the size of what you are currently planning. That's the catch. Listen to our advice.

First of all, learn how to play. No injuries are no victories. Those who can endure the first, so in the end, are recent. Then, always be grateful that you have. Any winnings must be a joy.

Learn to enjoy even the smallest, and then more will make you a storm of inexpressible delight and excitement. Read more

Play Keno and win!

Modular strategy game in Keno is currently the most common. With this system, a lot of people around the world have become rich by winning jackpots.

And so we go directly to the consideration of the most modular system in the game of Keno. First we need to choose 20 numbers that you think are most likely to loss. The data 20 numbers must be split into groups according to the number 4, in the end you get 5 groups of 4 numbers. 

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