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video poker rules

In Video Poker as well as in regular poker, too, need to collect a combination. It retains all the classic combination, but the payout significantly different. Video poker refers to casino games with a sufficient high dispersion, but at the same time at the optimal strategy the house edge is only 0.54%.

The rules of video poker games

Rules Video Poker games are very simple. The whole point of the game in the "Video Poker" is, that would be on the hands of the players were cards that match one of the winning combinations. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the amount of winnings is determined by seniority combinations.

Speaking of the gaming machine, it should be noted that the table of winning combinations and the payout is at the very top of the game board. In the center of the player's cards are located, and just below the indicators presented. The first indicator is called the «CREDIT» and indicate the amount to your account. The second ( «WIN») displays the win on the last stake, and for the current rate corresponds to «BET» indicator. If you press the «HOLD», that will hold cards that can not be exchanged.

As for the rates, to increase their "video poker" the player can, using the switch «BET ONE». Select the maximum rate, you can use the value of «BET MAX» button, and after clicking a game starts. Return to the original bet, you can re-pressing «BET ONE». Focusing in the course of the game in the "Video Poker", you press the button titled "DEAL" to get the cards. After that, the player chooses which cards to hold, using the corresponding buttons, and re-use «DEAL», that the machine has changed the cards that were not selected for the game. If fortune turned to face, and has a winning combination, which is indicated at the top of the monitor, the amount is automatically transferred to the player's account.

video poker

Payout Table Video poker

Combination name
Payout rate
Royal Flush
The five main cards of the same suit in order
Strait Flash
Five cards of the same suit in order
Four of a King
Four cards of the same rank
Full House
Three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank
Five cards of the same suit
Five cards in sequence
Three of a King
Three cards of the same rank
Two Pair
Two cards of one rank and two cards of another rank
One Pair
Two cards of the same rank
            nothing :)

There is, in addition to a simple video player, even the so-called four-way video poker. The main difference lies in the number of lines of cards. That is, instead of one in four lines game has five cards and all of them simultaneously participate in the game. Game Species many, and it all depends on what combination of start winning (tens and maps over the value Jacks or older, aces and "pictures"), as well as jokers, which are involved in the game: Joker-Poker, Mega-joker and deuces Wild.

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