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Video poker first appeared in 1980, and in 1990 the casino and has gained popularity, so this game can be called a novice in the world of gambling. However, the simplicity of the rules and entertaining gameplay video poker instantly conquered the hearts of players online. Impressions from playing video poker is no worse than in a traditional game of poker, and maybe even better: no one bothers, no noise, does not smoke, does not look at the card - you can fully concentrate on their favorite game.


The rules of video poker online

The game is played on those same basic principles as in the standard draw poker. Players bet, five cards appear on the screen. The player can save (freeze - English «Hold».) Each. Those cards that the player is not chosen to save, are replaced by new cards. If the player wins the hand, he paid the money according to the paytable. Tables payments in different casino and poker games may vary, but the majority pay for a pair of jacks or higher one to one, if the combination is better, then the ratio is more.

Video poker can be connected to a progressive jackpot, which means the jackpot increase with every bet the player whether the player has won or lost. A player always has the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot, and its size can be very, very great. But you should know that video poker progressive jackpot usually can only be won on the biggest stakes.

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The optimal strategy game in video poker online

Despite the fact that the game itself is simple, there are several functional strategies for video poker online. Strategies have different levels of difficulty, but in fact, in a certain way related to the probability table. Using probability tables, players can take a statistically valid solutions. Thus, the optimal strategy for video poker resemble basic strategy of blackjack - player goes to memorize rather large data arrays.


Selection of online casinos to play video poker

The decision on which site to choose to play video poker for money, often depends on how generous paytable offers a particular site. The tables vary greatly, and the odds of winning are the same everywhere, because the player an advantage, especially in the long game, very dependent on the generosity of benefits. Players do not have to be lazy to compare the payout table of different sites before making a decision.

Of course, the casino site must have an impeccable reputation, and adhere to high safety standards. If the part of the players at the casino were complaints and expressions of discontent, take this into account, and such a site should be avoided, despite the generosity of any tables of payments and promises.

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Play video poker for money

Most casinos offer you to play video poker for money, some give the opportunity to play for money just to practice the so-called play money. Even if the site does not offer the opportunity to play free video poker, to get used to the game, the rules and gain experience, the search for such a possibility in a network is not a problem. Fortunately, the game is simple, and the training would not take much of your time.

Play Video Poker

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