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Blackjack Rules

The Black Jack game involves six ordinary 52-card decks from deuce to ace, that is, 312 cards that make up the "big deck". The dealer distributes the cards from a special device - drawer, called clogs or shoe (both words are in French and in English means: shoe, shoe).


Card values

Kings, queens, jacks and tens are valued at 10 points. All these cards are equal and, for simplicity, called dozens. Aces player wishes count as 11 points or 1 point. The rest of the cards - in accordance with their rank (deuce - 2 points, Eight - 8 points, etc.). The suits of cards is not important.


Goal of the game

The objective of Blackjack game - to collect cards with the amount of points as close as possible to 21. 21 - this is the maximum bust immediately leads to defeat. The higher the total score, the higher the value of accumulated cards. It is necessary, however, a clarification: ace and a ten called blackjack and are considered the most significant combination. By value, it surpasses any other cards that make up the 21 points.


Number of players

All players at the table are playing against the house, which is the dealer (dealer). The number of players is limited only by the number of boxes on the table. (Boxes - specifically outlined rectangles, on the table, as a rule, seven boxes.) The player has the right to bid as one or several boksah.Po agreement between the players, they can bet on one box. The amount of such rates should not exceed the specified maximum.


The amount of rates

On each table is set for blackjack plate, wherein said range of rates allowed at the table (minimum and maximum). Examples range: $ 5 - $ 100, $ 25 - $ 500, $ 25 - $ 1000.


Playing the game

The tables are usually a few players who before the game bet - put the chips on the boxes occupied by them. The dealer deals each player one card, puts the card itself and again gives players one card. All the cards are placed in the open. Now the dealer starts to work alternately with each of the players. At some point, it comes to you.

Let's say you bet $ 100. You see their two cards and the dealer one card. Maps for other players you do not matter, the game is conducted only against the dealer. Two of your cards - your original combination which can try to improve, gaining extra cards. Then the same will do the Dealer, "improving" his only card. The winner is the one whose combination would be more valuable. The payout - your bet ($ 100). However, if you are lucky and your hands immediately came blackjack, the dealer will pay off in the ratio of 3: 2, ie, your winnings will be $ 150. In the case where your cards and the dealer's cards have the same value, the game ends in a draw (the international language casino draw designated words in English - push or stay). Therefore, even such high combination like blackjack, in principle, does not guarantee a win.

To touch their cards players are not allowed. Typically, players interact with the dealer, not in words, and gestures. For example, if you want to take an additional card, then point the finger at their combination (picture 1).

 Blackjack Rules

picture 1

Completing the set, gives the go-ahead in the direction of the next player, or do the horizontal motion with his hand to say: enough (picture 2).

Blackjack Rules online

picture 2

In addition to a set of cards, you have a number of interesting possibilities. These we will consider later, but for now focus on additional cards. If the two original cards you do not like, you ask the dealer to open another. Assessing the resulting combination, you can ask for a new card, etc. In the end, either you stop or it will end up a bust, and the dealer immediately will take your bet. At a set of cards should be aware of "duplicity" of aces. Having a three and an ace, you have 14 or 4 points. Let's say you take a new card, and it's an ace again. Now you have either 15 or 5 points (not 25!). It is safe to ask for another card from busting you are insured. Regardless of the number of aces received, the amount of points can have no more than two values. If the sum really is two-valued, the combination is called soft, otherwise - hard. Combination with one or more aces may very well turn out to be hard for example, a combination of T-T-4-6 brings exactly 12 points.

Hard or soft combination, which gives 21 points or Blackjack, is considered completed.

"Served" all the players, the dealer is gaining its own combination (unless all the boxes there was not too much). Unlike you, the dealer acts purely automatically. He must draw cards as long as the sum of points will not be 17 or more (this also applies to soft combinations such as T-6 or T-5-3). Once this happens, the set is immediately terminated. If the dealer bust, you win. Otherwise, he compares his combination with the cards of players, and there is retribution.

If all the boxes there was a bust, and the dealer does not have to take himself a second card, he removes his only card with the card players lying separately discard pile. For the next delivery of the dealer's card is not saved.

Game over, used cards are set aside, the remaining cards are shuffled and starts a new surrender. You can try to remember which card out of the game, and what remained, if desired. Shuffle the deck (shuffle) occurs when the dealer comes to the advance made them "serifs" (the so-called cutting card). It cuts off about a third of participating in the card game, that is, the game actually is carried out not on the cards 312, and 200-220. After stirring the deck is re-notch, hands and begins a new cycle, the casino slang - a new shuffle. We add that the entrance to the game has nothing to do with the beginning of the next cycle (Shuffle) and available before any delivery.


Other possibilities Player

After receiving the initial two cards, you have a number of additional features.



If the original card you seem nice, you can double your bet. After that, you will automatically receive exactly one more card, and a set of stops (picture 3).

Blackjack Rules online casino

picture 3

Separation cards (split)

Having two cards of the same value (two triples, two tens, etc.), they can be divided. At the same time instead of one of the original combination of the two have formed, consisting of a single original card. On each of the new combinations should be bet, which coincides with the original, so you need to bring $ 100. Dividing the map, you start an additional set for one combination and after its completion embark on another.

The second card to any new combination, you get automatically, after which the rate can be doubled in accordance with the general rules. Each new combination can be again divided, but the total number of divisions (or "splits" - a portmanteau of the split -. Split, cleave, split) can not be more than three. In other words, the maximum number of combinations, which conducted the game, still four.

Ace and Ten, a new combination of components (after splitting two aces or two dozen), are not considered as blackjack and give just 21 points. A special rule applies after splitting aces: the second card, which you get to the divided ace, complete your hand. A set of new maps is not possible, the doubling rate is unacceptable, but if a second card - the ace again, you can re-use the division (see picture 4).

picture 4

Separation cards often call not only a split, but splitting is.



If the dealer's up card - the ace, then, completing the distribution of cards, he will offer to insure. Accepting the proposal, you insure against a possible blackjack dealer. At the same time you make an additional bet - the insurance, the amount of which can not exceed half the initial rate (picture 5).

Blackjack Rules casino

picture 5


In fact, you enter into a side bet and bet that the dealer will get blackjack. If it does happen, it will pay you double the insurance, otherwise the insurance is lost.

If you are dealt a blackjack, the proposal for the insurance does not concern you. Instead, the dealer will offer "even money": you can immediately get a win, but not at a ratio of 3: 2, and the amount of the original bet. By refusing, you can lose-win at blackjack the dealer.


Refusal of game or "lease" (surrender)

If the two original cards you do not like, you can give up the future of the game, immediately recognizing his defeat. At the same time, you do not lose the whole bet, but only half ($ 50). If you have already taken advantage of the division (split), the rejection of the game impossible.

As a rule, the dealer reminds players about the possibility of failure, and it happens immediately after the initial distribution of cards. But if some players have already taken at least one additional card, give "compensation" is not permitted. However, some casinos allow the rejection of the game in a more convenient time for you - when the dealer turns directly to your boxing.

As you can see, play Black Jack is no more difficult than those casino games like poker, sic bo, and roulette. If you want something uncomplicated, it is better to play keno or slot machines download.

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