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bingo rules

The rules of bingo are very simple, because it's just a normal game of bingo with a Western name. Now the game of bingo are very common on the Internet, and almost any popular online casino you can always play bingo for money or for free entertainment.

How to play bingo?

For bingo players are distributed special cards (tickets), each with a few random numbers marked. Then from the bag or gets lotto balls, which marked one certain number. If the card is the number of players that fell out of the lotto - he closes his expunged or special chips. The essence of the game is to close all the numbers on the card game - the player who will do it first and become a winner. Typically, according to the rules of the game the first player to close all the numbers on his card to say "bingo", which means the end of the game and the victory of the party.

Terms of online bingo or play bingo at an online casino?

Terms of online bingo is almost no different from the usual live games. The main difference lies in the fact that you are playing against a casino. If you want to play bingo for money, that for this you need to register with the online casino and open an account. Otherwise, you can play bingo for free, using the flash version of the game (no registration and downloading) - these services are mainly provided popular online casino.

Playing online, you are given the card to play bingo - if it does not suit you, you can choose any other card. Once you have chosen the card you need to make a bet - usually you do set the size of bets suits your financial condition.

Rules of Internet bingo

After you select a card and place a bet, you can start drawing machine by pressing the "Play" or the like. Then with the lotto balls will fall out with the numbers, and all you need - is to just wait until you fall out all the numbers shown on your card. Your winnings will depend on how quickly will be deleted all the numbers on your card. Thus, the numbers will fall faster than you require, the more you will receive a prize.

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