Roulette strategy - Lucky Seven

Lucky Seven - effective and simple betting system that can be used in roulette. Its main advantage - a relatively small bankroll to play. In accordance with this strategy, you need money, enough for 24 bids. Thus, making a $ 1 bet, we must have with them at least $ 24. Another rule of this system is to bet on an equal amount (black / red, odd / even). This approach ensures that you will increase your winnings each time a positive outcome of the party.

The essence of "Lucky Seven" of the system is quite accessible - you bet, win and your next bet will be as follows: the current rate plus 0.5 your current rate. If the bid is not divisible by two without a remainder, then rounded up.

For example, you have won 20 units. If you win your next bet: the current rate (20 units) + half the current rate (20/2 = 10 units) = 30 units. If you lose you go back to the original rate. 

 Strategy The task - to win 7 times in a row. If this strategy you will be able to win, you expect good earnings. For example, you start with a bet of $ 10 and 7 times in a row won by "Lucky Seven" strategy. In this case, you will accumulate a sum of 336 dollars.

Game Rate Winnings Balance
1 10 +20 +10
2 15 +30 +25
3 23 +46 +48
4 35 +70 +83
5 53 +106 +136
6 80 +160 +216
7 120 +240 +336

When you win 7 times in a row, you should stop and start betting from the beginning.

The advantage of the strategy of "Lucky Seven" is that you put no more than 5 units of your money, and after two wins in a row the game is only "on the money the casino."

The downside of this strategy is that very often fail twice in a row to win at roulette, and sometimes even from the 10th times. And we have to spread on the roulette field more and more of their funds. In this case there is no guarantee it will be possible to win at roulette 7 times in a row on this day.

In any case, Lucky Seven - a strategy that is highly respected among experienced players. Its use - a good way to earn some money with minimal costs. 

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