Craps Strategy

The game of craps is quite popular today. A strategy developed for it are a few basic varieties, the most popular of which can be called the "Iron Cross". Although in this case, even with the use of the rules is not so easy to reduce the house advantage over a player. On the other hand, the tactical game is still more interesting than usual.


How to play craps, using the "Iron Cross" system?

The rules follow the system in "Iron Cross" can not be considered complex. From the player only needs to do a certain procedure with the rates. Together with the Field at the numbers 5, 6 and 8 are placed Place.

keno strategy

This strategy game is popular and relevant for a variety of casino games including online keno. According to the method of d'Alembert after every loss or circulation, to compensate you only the ticket price, you need to do more than one bet - that is, either to increase the ratio, or purchase more tickets. In this case, sooner or later there is always compensation: when you win a large sum, pay off all previous bets, and it can be a solid profit.

Also in the game of Keno, many adhere to a strategy game for the Martingale, according to which the rates are also rising at a loss, but immediately after winning return to the starting position. That is, if you bet $ 2, but the ticket was empty, then the next time you need to put the already $ 4. But as soon as the previous bet paid off the price of a win, you can return to the original face value at $ 2. Some gamblers choose and "catch up strategy" - that is, bets are placed on the same numbers as long as they do not fall out. 

poker strategy

It is known in the poker game strategy as the short stack.

It uses the fact that if the stack is small compared to the blinds and bets, the positive outcome of the game can be achieved even at low chances of winning.

Imagine that already $ 10, and you have in your stack was just $ 1 in the pot. Even with a weak card in hand, having only a 20% chance of winning, you can safely put your dollar, and 10 such cases in 8 lose your dollar, and 2 will win $ 10. Those. the result of ten hands even with such a low card will

8 * (- $ 1) + 2 * $ 10 = +$ 12

bingo strategy

Rule one - select to play the institution in which the percentage of the above payments. What is the payout percentage? This index is defined as the ratio of paid to the participants of the game the prize money to the money expended by all participants. The bingo payout percentage may vary from 60 to 90% (for comparison, the average payout percentage in slot machines can be 90-98% and video poker - 99.5%). Unfortunately know the exact percentage payout bingo is quite difficult. Therefore, if you have the ability to accurately determine the percentage of payments in a particular gambling establishment or an online casino - always use it.

The second rule - play in several tickets (maps) simultaneously. Mathematics is very simple - the greater the number of cards involved in the game, the higher the chances of the player, point guard them to win. It is worth noting that the casino can sometimes be faced with a limit on the purchase of tickets for the bingo. The online casinos are no such restrictions, and it is for this reason that online bingo has enjoyed increasing popularity.

Sports Betting straregy

Fork strategy is the only win-win strategy for the bookmaker. Arbitrage betting - these are situations in which the player is betting on certain matches, regardless of their final result still remains in the win. Simply put, the player bets on all possible outcomes of matches, eventually getting a certain income.

The thing is that sometimes the bookmakers have different opinions on the chances of parties to win a bet, and several factors may fluctuate in favor of a particular party.

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