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Slots Strategy

First of all, it should be noted that the best strategy games on slots - is the choice of machines with the highest payout percentage and the maximum rate in the event that it guarantees only win the jackpot or disproportionately high rates. But not everyone can afford to play the max, and not in all cases, this approach makes sense.

Many fans of the slots used to play all sorts of betting systems that do not provide any benefits, help organize the process, or at least make it more interesting. Strategies that are used on slot machines, are rarely complicated due to limited casino customer opportunities in this category of gambling. 

It is simple and the system of "Up the stairs," she is very popular among the supporters of the view that it is possible to catch the wave of winning on the slots. The strategy of "Stepping Stones" should interest you. However, it may experience any player, regardless of his ideas about the principles of slots. You should begin always with a low rate that you set as a minimum threshold. It is not necessary to put a penny, even if permitted by the rules. Just decide, less any amount you bet you will not. If the first spin is losing, the following rate remains the same. If you win it you need to double the size.

Consequently, more you act the same way: when winning increase the rate by half, reduce the loss when it twice. According to this principle can be raised to the maximum rate or up to the limit that you can afford. If you do manage to "catch the wave", you can become the owner of a decent win. The main advantage of this system lies in the fact that the big bets you will make on the winnings. By winning, in which you need to raise rates, it is understood the amount that at least twice the size of the bet. That is, if you put one dollar, and the payment was half a dollar (including rates), the next back to put two dollars is not worth.

It is also easy to see that this strategy is reminiscent of some of the most progressive systems, which are widely used on the roulette wheel. 

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