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strategy of the roulette Martingale

Martingale - the most popular strategy game in the game of roulette. It is noteworthy that it has more than a decade, but it does not lose its relevance and popularity. If you use the system wisely and be able to stop in time, you can easily win at the casino.

How to play on the 'Martingale' system?

It's simple enough. For example, we have set five euro and lost. Next, we use a doubling of interest rates as long as you win. Once our bid played, you must return to the original level of rates. However, there once is enough to get into the black band of bad luck and lose quite a serious amount. Six consecutive losses make us part with $ 315. Nevertheless, the study of the game of roulette has shown that the system of "martingale" works well at short distances, even if it does not bring fabulous income, but still allows the player to stay in the black. Therefore, it is advisable to start playing with small bets.

 Let's consider a modification of the strategy game of roulette. It is called the "Great Martingale". The basis of the game here is the same as in the original system. But there is also a difference. We must not only multiply the rate by two, but plyusovat to this amount the first bid. If you touch the numbers specifically, the bets will be as follows:

The first bet is five dollars;

second rate - fifteen dollars;

third rate - thirty-five dollars;

fourth rate - seventy-five dollars.

As you can see, not every player will be able to pull such a rapid increase, the more at a loss.

There is, incidentally, is another interesting strategy game of roulette, which is called the "Anti-Martingale". It is also based on the principle of doubling rates. The difference is that the multiply rate is necessary only in case of a win. We do not recommend tease fortunes, so a series of better finish immediately after the fourth turn.

If applied to the martingale system knowledge of probability theory, one can see that this strategy is the most profitable for very long game. But you most likely do not own infinite finances so unpleasant a situation where you just do not have enough money to double, could come sooner or later. That is why we recommend that you start with a very low rate. Of course, there is another option - to play online roulette for free. Playing for virtual money, you will appreciate the frequency of wins in roulette, as well as see the Martingale strategy in action. You might even get bonuses. 

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