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The card game baccarat has existed for more than 5 centuries. During this time she was able to gain millions of fans from all over the world. Intuitive rules and dynamic gameplay did the trick. Currently, no one gambling establishment in the virtual arena is complete without the world famous baccarat. Moreover - many entertainment options account for in its arsenal, several variations of this fun card that, in principle, it is not surprising. A play for the most part allowed not only for money but also for virtual wrappers - in a special test format.

Despite the fact that in the game of baccarat, as in other gambling entertainment, success largely depends on luck and luck plays, savvy gamblers figured out how to get around such a "seedy" priorities. Thus it was invented a special strategy game of baccarat to improve the player's chances of winning the final. To be fair to say that not every strategy game of Baccarat boasts a stable of winning, since many of them show just disgusting results. It is quite another - a system dealer / player, who for several years quite successfully used by users with excitement and entertainment establishments operating in the online sphere.


 The essence of the game scheme DEALER / PLAYER in the game of baccarat

In order to play on the dealer / player system - you do not have to be a great strategist or gambling guru enough to follow some rules. First, it should be noted that the scheme in baccarat games are not designed for mathematical algorithms and miscalculations, it is based on some statistics and facts, proven by real people.

That is a whole lot easier. The essence of the game of baccarat on the dealer system / player includes a game loop with alternate rates - on the dealer and the player. The fact is that in baccarat - the draw rate is justified because in this case the advantage will be maximized gambling club. Put on one and the same event - also not an option, as there is already triggered the theory of probability, that even in the long term will affect the playing interval is not in favor of the player.

Before the direct application of this strategy in baccarat - you need to do the following:

  • to determine the size of the bet (it has to be fixed);
  • to plan the number of rounds in the game cycle;
  • replenish the balance of an amount equal to the size of the bet multiplied by the number of games;
  • to begin the process.

In the first round, you need to put on the dealer, the second - for the player, in the third - to the dealer well, etc. After the completion of the playing cycle - to finish the game. If desired - the cycle can be repeated or else the new plan. Statistics show that more than 76% of such parties is terminated in favor of the player, which means that in the long term you can go to a regular income in the amount of 26% of the amount set on the line during the game loop. That is - what will be a more significant rate - the more solid will and prizes.


Features of the application of this strategy

Since the strategy is effective and proven - to start testing of it can immediately play for real money. If you are not sure, test the system dealer / player will have no difficulty. To do this, choose the casino with free games, well, a lot of patience, because this scheme will manifest itself only during a certain time. About any fast money here and there can be no.

Despite the fact that the basis of the strategy the dealer / player does not belong to any reality (like the theory of probability in the scheme Martingale) - it works just as well. The main thing - a clear plan of action and other points, and then follow the immaculately planned outline. If you do it right - success will not take long! 

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