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Scientific and technological progress confidently sweeping the planet, permeating all spheres of life. In the last century, gambling was only available in the casino, which in our country can be counted on the fingers. With the advent and widespread internet you have the opportunity to visit the casino, sitting in front of a computer, in the warmth and comfort. Game Club Freeazart Games - your portal to the world of gambling entertainment.

Slot Machines


Video slots - the most popular and marketable content of any online casino. Their popularity is due to the unique nature of the machines. Slots beat almost all the threads of our lives: the historical reasons (the discovery of America, Ancient Egypt, Mexico), fairy tales, movies (slots based on blockbuster movies and cult TV series), and more on that lack of imagination and creativity stems from the developer.

All online gambling is available for free and without tedious registration. You do not have to spend hard-earned, if you do not want to return. 


Card games

Card games

We have not forgotten about the fans of poker, blackjack and baccarat. More than a dozen poker rooms are waiting for you in our casino. The specifics of the Internet facilitates the gameplay, because you can hide their emotions, the opponents at the table do not see your eyes and facial expressions, that is, you did not betray a successful combination of cards or bad. Undoubtedly, gambling online is much easier than in a real casino.




There are many varieties of this fascinating fun aristocrats. In our casino we offer European roulette with one sector "zero" and a minimum bet of 50 cents. On our website you can read the rules and history of the game, to find out about possible bets (red-black, even-odd, and so on. D.), And become a true professional. All gambling games to play online for free allows. So I take this opportunity, practice, learn the rules and get ready for this game for money.




With us not feel bored and fans of keno. Make bets, watch the work of the simulator and learn the results instantly! 

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