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EXIT STRATEGY / REPLACEMENT starting hand Video Poker

Unlike traditional poker games, for which invented dozens of different strategies, the basic strategy of the game in video poker is extremely simple - because in this game the participant does not have much options. The basic principle of the strategy is to select a card that you can keep and which should be replaced. In this decision (only in fact, that takes the player himself) and built the basic strategy of the game in video poker. 

The most common type of video poker - is a variant of "Jacks or Better" in it, respectively, the highest card is considered to be a minimum of Diamonds. Strategy games in video poker is based on the following: in order to get a good chance to win at video poker, players need to evaluate your starting hand (if there is it possible winning combination of cards) and replace those cards that do not fit into the potential combination. At the same time it is necessary to choose the most senior of the possible combinations.


The list of possible starting hands:

Full House and up

Draw a royal flush (four cards of a royal flush with completion by replacing the fifth card)

Straight, flush or set (triple)

A pair of high cards (jacks and from above)

I draw a royal flush with three cards

Flush draw (four cards of the flash)

A pair of low cards

A straight draw (four cards of a straight with the possibility of completion by replacing the fifth card)

Two cards of the same suit

Draw a straight flush with three cards

Two high cards of different suits

Couples such as a dozen + Jack, Queen + a dozen, a dozen King +

One high card



Suppose in your starting hand - four cards of the same suit (three, five, Jack of Clubs and Spades) and a low card (worms triple). In this situation, if you follow the basic strategy in video poker, the player has three possible options:

Leave a pair of low cards - that is three, the remaining cards to replace

Leave a flush draw and try dosobirat combination by replacing the trio of worms

Leave two cards of the same suit, then there is a lady and a jack, and replace the remaining three cards

According to the basic principle of the strategy is necessary to select the most senior combination of the above list. Thus, in this situation, the most effective solution would be to maintain a flush draw and try to finish the sequence by replacing the three worms.

If you follow this strategy game in video poker, the house edge is approximately 0.54%. 

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