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keno strategy

This strategy game is popular and relevant for a variety of casino games including online keno. According to the method of d'Alembert after every loss or circulation, to compensate you only the ticket price, you need to do more than one bet - that is, either to increase the ratio, or purchase more tickets. In this case, sooner or later there is always compensation: when you win a large sum, pay off all previous bets, and it can be a solid profit.

Also in the game of Keno, many adhere to a strategy game for the Martingale, according to which the rates are also rising at a loss, but immediately after winning return to the starting position. That is, if you bet $ 2, but the ticket was empty, then the next time you need to put the already $ 4. But as soon as the previous bet paid off the price of a win, you can return to the original face value at $ 2. Some gamblers choose and "catch up strategy" - that is, bets are placed on the same numbers as long as they do not fall out. 

Less risk keno strategies while playing for the "row of numbers." To use this method you need to determine the amount that would like to win, and then bet on 10 numbers. When luck smiles to the player, it reduces the number of rooms on the 2. If any edition is empty, added to the rate of one number. At the same time, the number may be the same, and each time different - it all depends on how much believe in your luck the player, as well as personal strategies. 

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