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Craps Strategy

The game of craps is quite popular today. A strategy developed for it are a few basic varieties, the most popular of which can be called the "Iron Cross". Although in this case, even with the use of the rules is not so easy to reduce the house advantage over a player. On the other hand, the tactical game is still more interesting than usual.


How to play craps, using the "Iron Cross" system?

The rules follow the system in "Iron Cross" can not be considered complex. From the player only needs to do a certain procedure with the rates. Together with the Field at the numbers 5, 6 and 8 are placed Place.

 With regard to the size of bets, this strategy offers to do them all the time the same. Although alternatively possible to find such a method in which each successive rate increases according to certain parameters. If unsuccessful the current combination or receiving only a portion of the spent amount is required to return to the original size of the bets and start the game again. However, the main combinations in the "Iron Cross" can be considered as such. At loss of numbers from two to four, as well as from nine to twelve winning Field bet, Place, however, remains on the table. It should be noted that a one to one payment will go over these numbers such as 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, consider two to one, and 2 and 12, although it is possible that it will be paid 12, even in a ratio of three to one

In the case of loss of five has been playing Place bet, and Field is a loser, but six and eight will not cleaned. payment ratio is already equal to seven to five. Seven is considered to six payment fallen six or eight, and losing Field again. The most losing loss option is seven. In this case, it does not win any one bet.

Following this strategy, you can always remain even in a small but winning, because the only combination that is disadvantageous to the player, is seven. According to the statistics, the probability of loss is one to six. That is about one in six will be a combination of the seven. In this case, it appears that the remaining five will be the player ..


What is the probability of winning at craps?

But we should not deceive ourselves much, unfortunately, the house edge over the player is designed so that the seven dropped out almost all cases, "eat", and may even exceed the amount of the previous winnings. On the one hand, the rates Field Place and fall often enough, and it may seem that the victory is in your hands, but on the other hand, after a fairly long periods in the game, it becomes clear that the only winners are the gambling establishment. For those interested in numbers, we can cite the following figures. In that case, if the casino Field at a rate of 12 pays the winning number in the ratio 3: 1, and for 2-2: 1, its advantage is almost equal to three percent. On Place rate at five it has already been four per cent, and six or eight drops to one and a half percent.

If you do not be lazy and keep constant calculations, then after some time you can come to a conclusion after the game that the casino has no less than 3 percent advantage over the player, but because it does not have absolutely no chance to stay in the win. But this happens only when the bets are placed exclusively by the above strategy.


Improved form of "Invincible Iron Cross"

Another tactic of the game of craps is a modified version of the previous one, called "Invincible Iron Cross." But do not unconditionally believe the word "invincible", the probability of winning in this case is slightly higher, but without losses and can not do. On the other hand, this strategy is still somewhat more elaborate than the previous one. It is based on the need to perform certain actions after dropping Point combinations. So, as soon as it happened, on a Field bet, equal to five dollars, and the number 5, 6, 8, is six dollars.

Next, whether won or lost the bid, all of the player's actions once again subject to the previous system of "Iron Cross". However, in this case, care must be taken even at the rate Pass Line. Despite the fact that different rates of target players about the same (neither one nor the other does not need seven), in the case of using the tactics of "Iron Cross" after the Pass Line win those bets that have been removed, no longer renewed.

Based these actions, rather, the need to hedge against a possible loss of seven, than the real mathematical calculations that some players are still trying to trace. It is believed that due to the fact that it was long gone, the probability of this figure increases significantly. In fact, the game of craps is designed largely to luck. Some system loss sevens in a particular case is completely absent. Therefore, throwing dice, no one can predict what kind of combination will fall this time.

Provided that the amount of remuneration for the winning combination of Field in the casino has a ratio of 1: 1, the advantage of a gambling establishment in the case of the use of a player strategy "Iron Cross" is 4 percent, "Invincible Iron Cross" -3.3 percent. On the one hand, the visible benefits, on the other hand, using the rates of Pass Line / Do not Pass Line Odds and you can get a much less tangible indicators.

Based on the foregoing, we can come to the logical conclusion that the use of in-game strategies such as "Iron Cross" and "Invincible Iron Cross" is not quite appropriate for a player who wants to gain some winnings. On the other hand, these tactics are best suited to those who wish to have a great time at the casino, not chasing large sums of money. Keep winning and losing in equal amounts, you can stretch the game for the whole evening and good rest.

This is always possible to diversify a tactic, using from time to time different strategy rules. Thus, the game is not "boring", it takes a long time interest in, the mood remains high and, best of all, a few drops original casino advantage over the player.

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