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poker strategy

It is known in the poker game strategy as the short stack.

It uses the fact that if the stack is small compared to the blinds and bets, the positive outcome of the game can be achieved even at low chances of winning.

Imagine that already $ 10, and you have in your stack was just $ 1 in the pot. Even with a weak card in hand, having only a 20% chance of winning, you can safely put your dollar, and 10 such cases in 8 lose your dollar, and 2 will win $ 10. Those. the result of ten hands even with such a low card will

8 * (- $ 1) + 2 * $ 10 = +$ 12

 About this situation say that we have good pot odds. So, when your stack is small, you very often get good pot odds, and you can play profitably without even having mastered more fully the art of poker.


Features and advantages of poker strategy SSS

- The strategy proved mathematically, and running no matter how well played by opponents. Against this strategy is no protection (although stronger players can make winning a little, but at low-stakes players like almost none).

- Easy. This poker strategy is easy to learn even for a beginner, just starting to learn poker. Major decisions are described by simple rules. After getting some experience, the strategy allows the improvement of wins to improve, but at a distance above zero game provided from the very beginning (of course, if you do not make mistakes).

- Ideal for multi-tabling. Since the game is only a small number of the best hand, the player has time to observe the features of the game opponents and increase the number of tables played. So for the same time he wins more easily wins back bonus gets more cashback etc.

Chance to win in poker is strongly dependent on the depth of the stack. On the chart it looks like this:

Here is the average win rate dependent on the depth of the stack under the condition that the person still has a strategy game with a short and a long stack and your opponents stacks more.

We see that a successful game can be either a short stack or a maximum (but only on condition that the same opponents at the maximum). By the way, if you see a player who plays for a long time with an average stack of 40-70VV not buy in addition and does not leave, you can be sure that this is a weak player and he owns a successful strategy game.

Playing a short stack you are doing and your opponents players with the short stack (because they can not win more than you have set). But your strategy specifically designed for this game, and the opponents adapt to it is difficult, and their solutions, even right in general, will be rendered invalid against you.

So are you ready to take the first step to a successful game - to study poker strategy. Feel free to read the lessons several times. Despite the simplicity of the strategy, a lot of information, and to master every level error-free application in practice of reading will not work.

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