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French Roulette

Goal of the game

French Roulette is very similar to the European, played on the same wheel with 37 numbers to one, but the playing field is somewhat different.

The aim of the game is the same - to guess at what number the ball will fall.

Although, of course, there is another important difference - they speak French! And if you want to play, learn the name of the roulette terms.

When betting on equal chances applies rule "La Partage", - the player will lose only half your bet when the point is zero. 


Betting         European                          French       Payments

Inside bets  

                     Straight up                        En plein          35:1

                     Split Bet                             Cheval          17:1

                     Street Bet                      Transversale       11:1

                     Corner                               Carre              8:1

                     Line Bet                           Sixainne           5:1

Outside bets  

                   Column                              Colonne           2:1

                   Dozen                               Douzaine           2:1

                   Red or Black                     Rouge - Noir       1:1

                   Even or Odd                     Pair - Impair        1:1

                   Low or High                   Manque - Passe     1:1


Play French Roulette

French Roulette is the most advantageous for the player.

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