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European Roulette

Purpose of the game

The aim of the game is the same as in American roulette: to guess at what number the ball will fall from 37.

Wheel in the European Roulette

On the "European" wheel thirty-seven numbers from 1 to 36 and 0 (ZERO). Sometimes this game called "roulette with one zero."

The playing field and rates

On the differences between the main types of roulette playing field read in roulette.

The player can bet on:

  • A number of
  • Combinations of numbers

Will the number of red or black, odd or even, high or low

European Roulette - rules


 The amount of payments and the expectation depends on how the bet was made.

Oral rate (Announces or Call bets)

Location numbers on the wheel allows players to do the so-called Oral (Announces) rates.

The rule "En Prison"

In some European casinos use the following rule: When falls to "0" (the ZERO), bets placed on "equal chances" (black / red, large / small, Even / Odd) do not burn, but remain "in conclusion" on the table to next lottery numbers.

If the next number back to "0", the bet is lost. If the rate located "En Prison" on the next roll of the ball wins, she returned to the player without the payment of winnings.

European Roulette with this rule reduces the house edge to 1.35% for the "equal chances", making them the most favorable rate.

Rule "La Partage"

This rule is similar to the rule "Surrender" in American Roulette. A player loses half the bet "on an equal chance" on a roll of zero.

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