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optimal strategy video poker

There is another, more long and complex strategy game in video poker for the same kinds of "Jacks or Better" (it can be applied in the case if the video poker lowest high card are not considered jacks and tens, you have the option to "dozens and higher"). The house edge when using this strategy a little higher and is approximately 0.46%.

The principle use of the video poker strategy is almost the same: you analyze starting hand, taking into account a list of the best combination and leave in the hand combination that is higher on the list. If your starting hand no one combination from the list - immediately reset it, you can not play the hand in such a situation.


Possible combinations for starting hands in video poker:

Royal Flush

Straight Flush

Four of a Kind (four cards of the same rank)

Full house


Seth (three)


Draw hand with a straight flush (4 cards to a straight flush)

Two pairs

A pair of high cards (two Jacks or Better)

Draw hand with a royal flush (three cards to a royal flush)

Ace, Jack, Queen, King of different suits

A pair of low cards

Draw a straight arm to the outside (4 out of 5 cards complete combination), and one or two high cards

Draw hand with a straight flush (3 out of 5 cards complete combination)

Queen and Jack of the same suit

Suited ace + high card (king, queen or jack)

Unsuited high cards - Jack, Queen and King

Unsuited high cards - Diamonds and Spades

Suited dozen jack +

Two high cards of different suits (without aces, that is the oldest in this combination - the king)

Suited dozen lady +

Two high cards of different suits based Ace (the highest card, respectively, ace)

Diamonds only

Suited dozen King +

Only lady

king Just

Only an ace

How to use this strategy for video poker in practice, suppose in your starting hand - four cards spades (three, nine, Diamonds and Spades) and a nine of hearts. Accordingly, in this starting hand two possible combinations: a flush draw (four cards to a flush peak with a chance to get the fifth card spades by replacing dozens of worms) and a pair of low cards (nines). You have a choice - either donate it possible to flush and maintain a guaranteed pair of low cards, or try to make a flush. If you use a strategy for video poker, the choice is obvious - because the flush draw in the above list above, it was his and should play.

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