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slots strategy

Popular Martingale system has both of its strongest supporters and opponents. However, on this basis, a new method of game machines - opposite the main - Anti-Martingale. The point of this system is not to raise, but rather to reduce the double bet in the next round after a loss, and increase in the rate twice in the round after each win.

At first glance, the principle of this strategy is reasonable, it is in the slot over losses, and decreasing after every loss the amount of money invested, it seems the player that he controls, or even save their money. And in the case of a succession of wins a feeling that the bill amount is growing before our eyes. 

 Perhaps the share of logic in the Anti-Martingale system is, but in the majority of two slots win in a row - a rare phenomenon, and therefore this method, you double the bet after each win lose.

In case of loss the same situation - you are at the next entry, too lose, even less. Therefore, this strategy is unprofitable and is not suitable for playing on slots, as well as most other systems.

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