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Roulette strategy

The game is very simple and does not require special calculations and computations, it is different from other systems of its advanced performance and simplicity, all you need is just observation and luck of course.

The essence of the system 222

In this system, rates can be made on an equal chance:

"Even number" or "odd";

"more or less";

"Black" or "red."

The best option - the last, as the red and black numbers are evenly distributed. Even a beginner can use the system 222 after a few test spins (roulette starts). The system is characterized by good efficiency.

But before you start the game you need to watch a few roulette starts, in order to make the right bet. If you roll a "black" in his first two starts, the following two should be put on "red".

 What if I lose and win?

If your first bet is not played, the amount of the second bet you need to double. Doubling at a loss, use only the first back. Regardless of whether you win or lose a bet, the next start-up, you need to re-watch the game (play on "wrappers") to re-start a new game series.

Come out of the game, if you win 10 bets

The game system "222" regardless of the fact that the chances of winning and losing are equal, it is considered profitable, but only if the player after ten winning roulette starts completes the game. After winning ten times the efficiency of the game begins to decline, and the chances of a positive outcome of the game does not remain.

As a result, if you want to get a guaranteed win and enjoy the game, while complying with the above rules, we advise you to practice it "222" game system. 

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