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Roulette Strategy 20 / 20

This system is at first glance seems quite complicated, but if you carefully to understand the rules, difficulties in the game does not arise.

This system is suitable for playing in a real casino, because that is where the dealer has to start with each roulette change direction - then to the right side, then the left.

This strategy requires a conditional division of the roulette wheel into three parts - right sector (12 numbers), the left sector (12 numbers) and the so-called the same sector (13 numbers). For each dropped out number the sector is changing.

If you choose this system, you have to bet on every number of the sector, taking into account the number of which fell in the previous roulette starts.

 Bids for System 20 / 20.

For example, we had the "1". We take for the unit:

12 numbers from the left sector - 29-7-28-12-35- 26-0-32-15-19- 3- 4;

12 numbers in the right sector - 8-30-11-36-13-27-6-34-17-25-2-21;

13 numbers from the same sector - 20-14-31-9-22-18-33-16-24-5-10-23.

The game system of 20/20 means that a roll of 14, the rate for the first time need to miss. Drops the number 32 - the rate moves to the left of the numbers 14 sector. In the event of a roll number 16, then move the rate in the right sector from 32.

Consequently, the number 19 - left sector from 16, the number 34 - the right sector from 19. In case of loss at each participating number is added to the chip as long as you win. If you win, we put on a chip smaller. Once proved the winner, the session is considered completed, it is recommended to stop the game. 

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