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Texas Hold'em is one of the varieties of poker, but at the same time is the most popular poker game. Poker rules are pretty simple and a novice will not be difficult to learn how to play Texas Hold'em.

Rules of the game

Bids (tender) in Texas Hold'em are held in several stages, or "streets" (poker slang).

Beginning of the game

Before all players are dealt cards, two players post blinds - rate blindly. Blinds give two players to the left of the dealer (the player, the dealer cards) - the small blind and the big blind.


Texas Hold'em - Blinds

Small blind - the first player to the left of the dealer. It puts half the rate established in the game.

The big blind - the second player to the left of the dealer. It puts the full rate set in this game.

For example: You sit down at the table Texas Hold'em with blinds (rates) $ 1 / $ 2, then $ 1 and will be considered as the small blind, and $ 2 is the minimum rate set in the game.

Distribution Map: Preflop

After the blind bets are made there is the distribution of cards - each player receives two cards that only he can see. Then begins the first phase of trading (players can bet), Texas Hold'em (and other forms of poker) is called a pre-flop.

The first makes his move a player sitting after the big blind, he can say:

Call - to equalize rate and thus start trading established in the game.

Fold - fold and does not participate in this distribution.

Raise - increase the bet (at least twice).

All in - to play all his chips (only without Limit Hold'em).

Check - We can only say if you are already logged into the game and a player has missed the course in front of you. Or when you are in the big blind and in front of you there are no raises.

Then turn passes to the next player clockwise, and so on up to the big blind, or until all bets are matched.

Just keep in mind, if you raise, the following parties may be said re-raise - that is, increase your previous raise. And it should not be forgotten that in Texas Hold'em at any point in the game (if your queue) can say «All in»


Flop - the general open three cards laid out on the table (board). It is already possible to see which combination of cards can be you or your opponents. All the action takes place, as in the previous stage, only the first move belongs to the player on the small blind. If the small blind is not in the game, the turn passes to the next player clockwise.

Remember at any stage of the game of poker (Texas Hold'em), bidding party always starts from the small blind. With the exception of pre-flop, since at this stage it is betting blind, but money in the bank is still investing first.

The turn

The fourth community card is called - the turn. All the players are identical to the previous stages.


Last up card in Texas Hold'em is called - the river. Now you can know exactly which combination is present in your hand, but do not forget that you can use only five cards (any 5) for the compilation of the seven combinations.

Action players on the river are the same as in the previous steps, except that when all the players call a bet in Texas Hold'em showdown occurs (Showdown) and the winner is determined. If all participants have folded, the bank takes the last player has made a bet or remaining in the game.

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