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To newcomers to learn poker terminology faster - help poker dictionary.

Action (stroke) - the action, meaning that the turn to make a move. There are five variants of moves in poker: a check (check), bet (bet), the equation bet (call), the rate increase (raise), or re-raise (re-raise) and reset cards (fold).

Ante - a small proportion of bets made by each player to create a bank at the beginning of the hand. In most games, Hold'em to create a starting pot instead of antes are used blinds.

All-in "go for broke" (put all) means that you put all your chips on the line, risking to lose everything you have.

Bankroll - amount of money that a player selects to play poker.

Bad Beat - When a very strong combination loses stronger.



Big Blind - The larger of the two blinds typically used in Hold'em. The big blind is normally a full first round bet.

Big Beats

Blind - A forced bet (or part of a bet), which makes one or more players before any cards are dealt. Typically, blinds are made by players immediately to the left of the button.

Board - All the community cards in a hold'em game - the flop, turn and river cards together.

Bluffing - the introduction or increase of the rate with enough good cards on hand. Presenting your cards are better than they really are, you try to get your opponents to fold. For many, poker - it is an interesting psychological battle.

Button (dealer button) - feature, usually a small round disk that indicates which player is the virtual dealer in this game. This feature is used in positional poker games in which the dealer position is important for determining the order of strokes and therefore strategy.

Buy-in (entry fee) - the minimum amount of money a player must pay in order to participate in the game. In poker tournaments, entry fees are called 'buy-in'.

Call (equalization rate) - equalizing the previous bet.

Cut-off - the player sitting to the dealer.

Check - If none of the walking did not bet the players before you, and you also do not want to make a bet, this is called sheck. It is regarded as a passive act, but it can help you to deceive your opponents.

Chip Leader - the player who is currently the highest number of chips. Used mainly in tournaments.

Draw (unfinished play combination) - to play with a combination that is not winning, but could become so if the right cards come.

Equity (Value) - Your "rightful" share of a pot. If the pot is $ 100, and you have a 50% chance to win it, the value of your hand $ 50. In principle, this concept has little to do with reality, or as you win or do not win anything, but it gives you the ability to estimate the amount of "expect" to win.

Fish - the player who is easy to win, usually a beginner. The opposite: "shark". You can recognize a fish by a passive player game, the inability to understand, when he loses and the excessive number of hands he plays.

Flop - the first three community cards dealt in Texas Hold'em face up.

Fold - means that you fold and lose the chance to win the pot.

Freeroll - poker tournament that requires no entry fee. Freerolls are very popular in online poker. To participate in this tournament, you only need to register. Normally in freerolls are played cash or space for participation in a major tournament.

Gut Shot - which can improve one card.

Heads Up (Head to Head) - a poker game one on one. Heads-up - is any poker game that is played by 2 players only.

Kicker - unpaired card used to determine the winner among the owners of the two almost equal combinations.

Maniac - a player who always bets (raises, reraises) with either hand.

No-Limit - version of poker in which a player may bet any amount of money.

Nut Hand (the Nuts) - the best possible hand in this game round.


Overcard - map the board over any cards.

Out, Outs - the number of cards left in the deck that can improve your hand of cards.

Play Chips - tokens used in games with play money or with the game on the game table. These chips have no monetary value.

Pot (Bank) - chips, usually placed in the middle of the table and that can be won in a given hand.

Pot Odds

Raise (increase in rate) - increase in rates by increasing the size of the previous bet.

Rake - a small percentage of the pot the amount charged for services institution.

Re-buy - chips, purchased after making an initial payment buy-in.

Re-raise - increase in rates by increasing the size of the previous raise.

River - The fifth and final community card, handed out in the open in Hold'em.

Set - Three, two cards that you have on hand, and a third on the board.

Sit'N'Go - a tournament that has no start time. Once the table is going to a sufficient number of players, the game begins.

Stakes - all the chips that you have on hand during the game.

Turbo - accelerated poker games. The players little time to make decisions, so the game is very fast.

Turn - the fourth community card in Texas Hold'em.

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