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system craps

Tactics "5 Count» requires some analysis and selection of the most suitable shooters. In fact, the player determines for himself some of the most lucky, in his view, shooters and bets just at the moment when the dice are rolled by them. Participation in the game, of course, is not quite complete, that is, about 50 percent of all strokes are skipped. On the other hand, so the player will reduce the advantage of the gambling establishment, not to spend such a high sum and perfectly hold evening.

However, in the beginning you need to decide on the appropriate arrows. For these purposes will have to a certain account, which begins and ends Point, is the number 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10. The whole process will take place as follows. 


The player has to follow the action of each new hand. A roll Point begin to count. At the same time the first count is directly precipitated Point. When amounts equal to 2, 3, 7, 11, 12, the score remains closed.

Once the account is started, the second count is a completely arbitrary number dropped out after the first, followed by the third and fourth count, are considered in the same way. The fifth count becomes only loss Point, which can go as soon as the fourth, and can only occur in a few moves. In any case, once the fifth count has been reached, you can begin to bet, in this case choosing either option Come Place.

There was this tactic in the mid-nineties of the twentieth century, and its use is still controversial. Some believe that it does not affect the chances of winning increase, others vice versa. One thing is certain: this strategy was tested on a special simulator and showed good results. Realized the procedure is none other than the University of Massachusetts Professor Don Catlin.

It is not that different arrows across absolutely all games. It so happens that, to bear 5 the count, he immediately loses. But do not lose sight of this system, and you can try it yourself, the more so because, according to statistics, the probability of winning is still quite high. 

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