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craps strategy

"CPR" tactic is widespread among those players who like to have a great time at the casino, without spending too much money, but also not left without a certain share of adrenaline. If luck will not turn away from the player, he can expect a good result. And follow the rules of this strategy simply, it is a simple, special knowledge is required, and all is clear from the first minute.

The procedure for performing actions

The easiest procedure is explained with an example. Win bet on the number of 6 or 8. That is, this sum must fall before the Group of Seven. winning payment options ratio is 7: 6. A further principle of operation is as follows. At eight put six dollars, and made a throw. By winning, the player must leave the reward on the table. This action was called Collect. After that is a throw back. In the event of losing the player is still a profit, which is equal to $ 1. 


The second winning shot involves several other actions. It is necessary to double his bet by using the term «Press», which is understandable for the dealer. In this case it is sure to call the bet. As a result, the player is given one dollar, and the rate increases to twelve dollars. After the second step, the client's profit is $ 2 already.

Further, if luck does not turn away, the player can win for 26 dollars, six of which are still on the field, and twenty-go in your pocket. This stage is called Regress. After simple calculations of profit visitor gambling establishments is $ 22.

And it repeated. In fact, actions are the following algorithm: rate-win-win-doubling of the rate-reduction rate. Using this strategy, you can expect a fairly high level of winnings. This system is the most suitable for the player.

In addition, this tactic is perfect for beginners who have not yet had time to fully understand the rules of the game of craps and just beginning its development. Sami same rate it is not necessary to do only one number. However, in this case, each of them will be considered on its own. CPR strategy allows you to fully control the process of the game and not spend too much, enjoying the process itself.

There are shortcomings that do not meet the chosen tactics, which are almost always do nonprofessionals. Therefore, it would be appropriate to reiterate the basic behaviors.

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