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The system of

Strategies for doing absolutely any game of chance can not be reduced to a single embodiment, it concerns including craps, whose main difference is the difference in the house edge between the player made a bet. Due to this difference from the same roulette or slots, play craps on a particular tactic becomes more interesting. But do not think that it will help to win an incredible amount. None of the casino does not allow it. At the same time a certain system allows for some effective results. And the more effective Point where "Iron Cross".

The operating principle of this system is to carry out two rates called Pass Line and Come. Bet Odds will be used to strengthen them. In the event that all of the above has caused bewilderment, you should be familiar with the terms used in craps. 


In this case, it was chosen three mentioned rates for a simple reason: the casino's advantage in the Pass Line, Come as well as a minimum, it reaches only 1.4 percent. Although the payout ratio in this case will be equal to 1: 1. But bet Odds already has a very different remuneration. Here, the casino and the player's capabilities are equalized.

The player's task to guess the combination of Point-and strengthen their chances by betting Odds. For the best perception is to use an example. The value bet is $ 1. Put a dollar in the Pass Line. Rolls in the Come Out Roll. Will pay a sum of 7 and 11, while 2, 3, 12 indicate a loss. And she and the other situation involves a repetition of previous actions.

A further option would be coming out Point (example 5) Come Out Roll. In this case, the player will need to make just two rates: the dollar on the Pass Line and the dollar to Come (this size can be very different, here he was taken as a model), and then again to continue.

But do not think that these two rates is somehow dependent on each other. Pass Line Odds enhanced playing to the next Point, ie or up to five to seven for the case considered here. For the first digit means victory for the second-defeat. There is no need to repeat their actions. Whichever figure nor fell, except the above, the rate is not canceled.

With all rate Come is somewhat different. It is absolutely not connected with the Pass Line. Given the fact that Point is the number 5, losing combinations will be 2, 3, 12, winning 7 and 11. Other cases indicate a continuation of the game with rates unchanged saving.

So it was established Point (5), made rates for Come and Pass Line, and the sum of the next roll with any of the losing or winning options. For example, it was the number 8. In this case, the player must strengthen Come Odds bet using, its size is also equal to $ 1.

Initial data are: Point-5, and the rates of Pass Line and Come Odds strengthened after the loss of a combination equal to eight. The worst option would be a loss of seven, the player expects to defeat all the rates and a return to the top. Five would mean that the Pass Line with Odds won, and it put the dollar again. Eight victory means Come with Odds, which implies a similar rate to Come in the amount of dollars. The rest of the amount are not any changes in the rates and are ignored.

If properly understand this tactics and learn its intricacies, one can very well spend time playing craps. This finance does not immediately evaporate, and the probability of winning is not so small. With such tactics can be handled in a completely any casino. Moreover, it is particularly easy. 

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