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Strategy Craps Do not pass

As the development trend of the gambling industry involves the provision of an increasing number of online services, it is not surprising that today play craps can be sitting at home by opening the website of any of the online casinos. Therefore, the question of how to win craps online is very relevance.

"do not pass" strategy is not very welcomed by most online casinos, as it greatly increases the chances of winning. It is to bet on the line Do not 'pass. The player loses a roll is 7 or 11, winning on a roll of 2 or 3. In this case, 12 is a draw, which is not too good, because the casino retains its advantage. If installed «point», the rate do not 'pass line to bring the gain even in the case when the shooter falls 7. Ie do not pass strategy gives the casino a minimal advantage, is only 1.36%. 


In a real casino bet against the shooter and most of the other players at the table will inevitably lead to the disapproval on their part. However, this problem is completely eliminated when playing craps online, what makes this one of the best strategy in the game of the network of gambling establishments. The house edge can be reduced further if the bet lay odds on the line do not 'pass. In this case, the casino advantage is zero. But at the same time the player will have to bet at a ratio of 2 to 1.

Play Craps online

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