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Hilo System in Blackjack

This strategy is also quite common. Its simplicity allows you to enjoy the benefits, even for beginners. True, it is suitable only for real casinos, either for One Deck Blackjack. So, what is its meaning?

Hilo strategy is card counting. First, the player must remember that each card should be your number. All cards with pictures, as well as an ace and a ten must be taken for 1 point, each nine, eight or seven is taken as 0, and all other cards are accepted for one. The player receiving the card should carry the calculations by adding or subtracting the value assigned to the cards. 


Card Points
10, J, Q, K, A -1
7, 8, 9 0
2, 3, 4, 5, 6 +1

Depending on how many will be produced at the player, it must pass a set. For example, if he will turn 5, it means that the deck is still a lot of dozen, so you can continue to play. In situations when the amount becomes negative, Hilo offers fold.

But here there are some nuances. Firstly, such a system for playing only possible in real casinos, not online. Because online institutions cards are shuffled after each hand, which reduces all calculations to naught.

Secondly, the most simple and accurate system will operate in One Deck Blackjack. With an increasing number of decks, it will be necessary to apply the formula, according to which the sum is divided by the number of decks.

If you comply with all these conditions, it becomes a simple game - at the amount of negative value is better not to take risks, but when its positive value - increases the probability of winning.

As you can see, the system is easy to use and brings a small but steady income at a distance, but a confluence of many circumstances necessary for a successful play on it.

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