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Doubling Strategy blackjack game

Doubling strategy in blackjack system reminiscent of the popular roulette called Martingale. But if Martingale long been criticized, the doubling of the system is considered successful. But there is one drawback, which is that the player must have high initial capital to take advantage of the strategy. Doubling the game involves a card table on which there are no restrictions on interest rates. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the strategy is reduced, and the chances of the player winning are increased only slightly.

The meaning of doubling strategy is the same as the Martingale, ie doubling bets after each loss. Initially, the player puts the minimum bid possible. If he loses, the next time you need to put in twice as much. If luck again turned away from the user, then the rate should be doubled again. Doubling occurs as long as the player does not win. Thus, he wins back all the lost money and earn additional capital. 

 If the table, followed by playing the player, there is no limit on the rates, then sooner or later he will win. The main thing that the player had the patience and, most importantly, money, wait for a win. If the table are wagering restrictions, then the situation is more complicated. For example, if the limit is 20 dollars, then the player will be able to make a maximum of five bets starting from $ 1. After reaching $ 16, he would not be able once again to double because of existing constraints. In this case, the Council to end the game, reaching the maximum.

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