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strategy slots

This game system in slot machines known to all players, whether powerful advertising acted that someone -So good on this system rose in the slot, or the name of a very sonorous like people. In addition, all Internet resources devoted to this method, be sure to review the article, what attracts players, especially beginners.

The essence of the system is to double each bet, which follows a losing round, in the event of winning the next game, the bet compensate for the loss of the losses. These conclusions are based on the rates of the arithmetic average theory, which proves that the loss in a game increases the chances of winning in the next round. 

 Perhaps he Martingale was absolutely right when he studied the theory of averages, and figured his system. But in order to check its effectiveness will need to play a few hundreds of calls, and make the same bets. And if you are very lucky player and all these hundreds of hands lose, then doubling each following the losing bet, you follow the system, drain the huge amount of money. And, most likely, you run out of money for the first five doublings.

Gain experience and try the strength of the various systems of the game, of course, possible, but may follow his own reason and intuition, you are without any system would be able to successfully play the slots.

And follow the Martingale system is more likely to contribute to your more rapid defeat. And the main reason for failure of this method is the random number generator from the program of each game. Moreover, this generator generates normally so that you can play like thirty times, and a few winning rounds, not only to return the money, but multiply

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