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poker strategy

Recently, my results in poker and win rate was quite high, but I did not have much consistency in my game, especially in the days when I lose. I definitely exists a vicious circle when a bad game is associated with a sense of defeat, which in turn leads to the fact that I get distracted and start playing badly. I plan in the future somehow solve this problem and then go to class psychology of the game, but until that moment I decided to set myself a stop-loss order to reduce the amount of trouble in losing days.


When should I use a stop-loss

I remember once, about three years ago, at the very beginning of his career in poker, I set a stop-loss just because he hated to lose and did not want to take part in a game where my money goes somewhere (this is a rather strange approach as a natural reaction of most people in this situation - is the desire to play again, to regain the lost). In general, I started to feel bad, and I do not want to stay at the poker table. Now, when my level is very high, and I obviously win at any table (even if I do not play at his best level), the idea of ​​stop-loss itself seems silly, especially from the financial point of view (the more hours I play, the more money I get in the end). However, from the point of view of psychology, or the point of view of the 'alleged satisfaction "stop-loss can be very useful.


Pros use stop-loss

You avoid playing in a state of tilt, and, consequently, loss of significant amounts of your bankroll, and out of the game at some point.

You play a long session in the winning days, and shorter - in losing.

You get used to the fact that, having lost a certain amount, you stop playing that day.

This strategy has a positive effect on your mental health and condition, especially if you carry heavy losses.

Cons of using stop-loss

You may be forced to leave the table, even when the situation is favorable.

In general you play fewer hours, and eventually your overall profits may decline.

Stop-loss does not eliminate the tilt.


What is the limit set for the stop-loss?

For people like me, stop-loss is a temporary measure. In the coming months, I plan to experiment with a stop loss after losing 3-4 buy-ins per day. Perhaps I install some flexible rules, for example, appoint a limit of 4 entrance fee, if the situation at the table is very favorable, and 3 - when the game does not look as appetizing. By virtue of a natural instinct, it seems very strange to me out of the game in a favorable environment and weak opponents - partly because my level is much higher than the level of opponents, and partly due to the fact that I am very confident in my game of no-limit hold'em at a table with a maximum of 6 participants and in their ability to win in this game. However, it's not about the money, and I'm looking for a reliable way to play poker for a long time without getting emotional trauma in those days, when I lose a lot. For me now the total amount that I receive, so much less than the path that leads me to her. Ideally, I'd like to see in this way was the least amount of discomfort, emotional and financial swings.


A few remarks about the stop-loss at a loss and win

I believe that stop-loss at a prize should be used rarely. I think that the only case where you need to use a stop-loss at a prize, this is the situation after a series of exhausting losing days when to take profits will be really important from a psychological point of view. I had a few cases where after a few losing days in a row I won big, but continued to play and eventually lost again and lost a lot. This situation is very demoralizing, and it is definitely worthwhile to take profits.

In general, all play better, win-win, and, ideally, you should continue to play until the moment:

1) The game becomes unprofitable, as inexperienced participants are lost;

2) You're tired and you can not play at the best level;

3) If you lose some money, and emotional trauma due to further loss will be much greater than the joy of winning back the money that you have just lost.

To select the best time to exit the game, you have to weigh and assess all three of these factors.

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