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Omaha - poker game whose rules are similar to Texas Hold'em rules, but still have significant differences, and require the player to a more careful approach to the game. In general, it can be called Omaha Hold'em with advanced rules, which makes it more challenging game of poker. But if you are already familiar with the rules of Texas Hold'em, Omaha will understand that much easier.

Rules Omaha

Before all players will sound cards, two of the participants, who are to the left of the dealer (the button on the poker lingo), put mandatory blind bets - small and big blind.

Distribution maps

At the beginning of the game all the participants is dealt four hole cards, and according to the rules of Omaha players must necessarily use any second card in his hand and any third card on the table (board) to produce a certain combination.



Trades in Omaha are exactly the same as in Holdem. First comes the flop, then the flop, turn and river. After that there is a showdown and the player with the most wins and the highest combination wins the pot accordingly.

Action participants

When a player comes to his turn, he can make the following moves:

Call - to equalize previous opponent's bet.

Raise - increase the bet (at least 2 times).

Re-raise - increase the previous rate increase.

Fold - fold and stop participating in the battle for the bank.

Check - check 'if no one has bet.

All in - go for broke and play on all your chips available at the table. Only without limit Omaha (most common in tournament play).


Omaha (HI / LO)

Often in poker rooms you can find Omaha Hi / Lo. Its main difference from the usual rules of Omaha that the bank is divided into two parts - between the strongest hand and the lowest. With the strong combination of everything is clear, but the younger the combination must comply with the following rules:

- There should not be, nor any paired cards

- All five cards must not be older than 8.

And an ace can be considered as a unit, ie, the youngest map. A straight and flush are not taken into account in the preparation of low hand, that is, you can have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of the same suit, but they are considered as the low hand. If none of the players gathered low, then the whole pot in Omaha takes the older combination.


Types of Omaha

"Pot Limit Omaha" - the maximum rate should not exceed the bank at the moment of the game.

"Fixed Limit Omaha" - all bets in the game are fixed.

"No Limit Omaha" - at any time of the game (when the turn) can be played on all of their chips.

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