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Rules Five Card Poker (5 cards with the exchange) are distinguished by the fact that there are no community cards. The combinations are the same as in Hold'em.

Rules of the game: you have to collect a combination of five cards from the five cards in his hands.

Five Card Poker is played with a deck of 52 cards. Before the game is determined by the dealer - the player who will be handing out cards. Usually, the dealer is determined by the highest card. All the players is dealt one card face up and the player with the highest card will fall and will be the dealer. Before the game started, the two players to the left of the dealer put the blinds - blind bets. This situation changed after each round of the game, as there is a change of player cards are dealt - dealer (changed clockwise). Then, all players are dealt five cards face down.


The first round of bidding. It starts with the player sitting at the blinds. He can say:

Call (equalization rate) - equalized (kolirovat) the previous bet.

Check - in front of you if no player has bet, and you also do not want to bet, then you can say the check and pass a move.

Fold  - means that you fold your cards and lose the chance to win the pot.

Bet - You can bet if everyone said the check or your first course in front of you.

Raise (increase in rate) - increase in rates by increasing the size of the previous bet.

Re-raise - increase in rates by increasing the size of the previous raise.

The next round of betting begins, when all the remaining players call a bet, or who does not put all say check.

After the first betting round is exchanged cards. Each remaining player in the trade can exchange up to five cards available to him in her arms. If you're holding was finished combination, you can not change the cards.

The second round of bidding. After the remaining players call a bet, there is a showdown and the bank takes the player who has the strongest combination. If two or more players have the same hand, the pot is shared. If there was one player, and the other folded - he wins the pot.

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